A Fortune Teller Foresaw Troubles in Han So Hee’s Romantic Entanglements?

han so hee relationships
han so hee relationships
Credit: Han So Hee Instagram

As Han So Hee and Ryu Jun Yeol part ways, a previously overlooked fortune-telling is getting a second look.

On February 22nd, one fortune teller shared a video about the reading she did on Han So Hee based on information provided by the production team, which was recorded on the 7th.

The fortune teller began, “How sad. She has no luck when it comes to her parents. Her fortune suggests early struggles. However, thanks to the help of someone noble, she’s able to make a name for herself and bring her face and name out into the world.” Additionally, the psychic noted, “She has a lot of compassion, unable to ignore others in difficulty,” but claimed, “Her fortune includes a sign of constant melancholy and loneliness.”

They continued, “She’s ambitious and meticulous in her work, with strong determination. But she prefers freedom, detests being constrained or restricted, and is very pragmatic. She’s also quick-witted.”

han so hee relationships
Credit: Lady Kyunghyang, Topstarnews

The fortune teller specifically pointed out Han So Hee’s appeal to men could lead to gossip, advising, “She needs to be cautious with her relationships with men. Just be careful with that, and things should be fine.” They also warned, “This year, she might face financial losses or stress from scandals related to men, her agency, or contract issues.”

Concluding, the psychic said, “She’s weak in terms of spouse luck, so marrying early could lead to hardships. She’ll suffer a lot. It’s better to marry late. She might even lean toward being unmarried.”

Meanwhile, Han So Hee formally acknowledged her relationship with Ryu Jun Yeol on March 16th. Shortly after, Hyeri, Ryu’s ex-girlfriend of eight years, sparked controversy with a cryptic “This is interesting” post, leading to rumors of a relationship overlap. Han So Hee firmly denied such claims, while Ryu remained silent. Eventually, the couple announced their breakup on March 30th, just two weeks after going public.

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