Ahn Bo Hyun Says Missing Romance with Park Ji Hyun in ‘Flex x Cop’ Was Planned

ahn bo hyun flex x cop
ahn bo hyun flex x cop
Credit: FN Entertainment

As SBS’s Friday-Saturday drama Flex x Cop had its grand finale, Ahn Bo Hyun sat down to share his thoughts on various aspects of the show, notably the lack of his on-screen romance with Park Ji Hyun.

Having previously worked together in tvN’s Yumi’s Cells as friends, Ahn Bo Hyun found reuniting with Park Ji Hyun on Flex x Cop to be a comfortable experience. “In ‘Yumi’s Cells,’ we didn’t have that many scenes together, but knowing each other beforehand made it much easier,” he said.

Ahn Bo Hyun acknowledged the pressure of taking on a leading role for the first time, assuming Park Ji Hyun felt similarly. “I believe Park Ji Hyun, being in a title role for the first time, had her own set of concerns and thoughts. We had many discussions, which I think translated well on screen,” he expressed.

ahn bo hyun flex x cop
Credit: SBS

He commented on Park Ji Hyun’s cheerfulness, saying, “Ji Hyun inherently has a bright aura that makes you smile. I think she was concerned about how her real self differed from her character.” He went on, “The cast was predominantly male, but her lively and quirky nature was quite endearing. I thought Park Ji Hyun herself, not just her character, was charming.”

Despite the evident chemistry, the love story between Jin Yi Soo (Ahn Bo Hyun) and Lee Kang Hyun (Park Ji Hyun) did not become a focal point of the narrative. Ahn Bo Hyun explained, “It wasn’t a deliberate choice for a potential season 2. I just thought it was appropriate to leave out romance with so many narratives to unfold in season 1.”

“While I can’t say for certain if the writer shared the same sentiment, it seems like romance was only teased. And seeing how people around me ask if Jin Yi Soo and Lee Kang Hyun end up together, it seems there’s a lot of anticipation,” he continued. “Now that Jin Yi Soo’s family issues have been resolved, maybe it’s time to unfold more of her personal story,” Ahn Bo Hyun concluded, leaving fans hopeful for what the future holds for the duo in Flex x Cop.

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