Son Suk Ku and Jang Do Yeon Have Heart-Fluttering Moments on ‘Salon Drip 2’

son suk ku jang do yeon
son suk ku jang do yeon
Credit: YouTube “TEO”

The latest episode of TEO’s YouTube series “Salon Drip Season 2,” titled “Have all the guests arrived? Let’s start the wedding,” has become the talk of the town, featuring a guest appearance of Son Suk Ku. This much-anticipated episode brought together Son Suk Ku and comedian Jang Do Yeon, causing a stir of excitement among fans with their notably shy and blushing interactions.

Jang Do Yeon, who dressed up for the occasion, and Son Suk Ku, who previously declared her his ideal type because of her bright personality, did not disappoint. Jang Do Yeon shared her excitement, saying, “Just hearing his name makes me grateful and excited.”

The episode was filled with playful banter, including Jang Do Yeon directly asking Son Suk Ku if his ideal type had changed, to which he confidently replied, “It’s still the same.” Jang Do Yeon playfully remarked, “But it can’t all be fun and bright,” with Son Suk Kyu inquiring somewhat flirtatiously, “Then what other charms do you have?” leaving Jang Do Yeon momentarily taken aback.

Adding to the enchantment, Son Suk Ku recited a famous line from the SBS drama Sandglass directed at Jang Do Yeon, “I thought I could have you like this. Because you’re my girl,” making her heart flutter. The pair then recreated a memorable scene from the movie A Moment to Remember, with Son Suk Ku holding a yogurt instead of soju, jestingly saying, “If you drink this, you’re going out with me,” which led to Jang Do Yeon downing the yogurt in one gulp, erupting laughter from everyone.

Amidst his busy schedule, Son Suk Ku shared a desire for rest and simple pleasures, “I think my body needs some rest. I want to go to Myeongdong and eat tteokbokki,” he mused, adding a sweet note, “Let’s meet again in a year. Since this was a special meeting.” This delightful interaction between Son Suk Ku and Jang Do Yeon has certainly left fans eagerly anticipating their next on-screen reunion.

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