‘Pyramid Game’ Episodes 1-4 Recap: Jang DaA Turns Out to Be the True Mastermind Behind the Game

jang da ah pyramid game
jang da ah pyramid game
Credit: TVING

TVING’s original series Pyramid Game premiered its first four episodes on February 29th, captivating viewers with its gripping portrayal of a twisted high school society and the harrowing journey of a student’s fight against injustice.

The series centers on Sung Suji (played by Kim Ji Yeon), a transfer student who arrives at Baekyeon Girls’ High School and discovers a dark underbelly in her new class: a ruthless “pyramid game” that dictates the social hierarchy through a monthly secret voting system. In this twisted game, the lowest-ranked F-grade student becomes the target of bullying. Suji finds herself at the bottom of the pyramid, facing daily humiliation and abuse.

Determined to escape her F-rank status, Suji approaches Myeong Ja Eun (Ryu Da In), a fellow F-ranked student trapped in the game for years due to her refusal to participate in voting. Suji proposes that they should exchange votes so that they both move up to the D rank. However, Ja Eun refuses as she doesn’t want to sacrifice another student to save herself.

Suji then investigates the game and its mysterious creator. She discovers that the true mastermind behind the game is none other than Baek Ha Rin (Jang DaA), the seemingly perfect and beloved class president. Even more surprising, most of the other students already know about this. However, because of her position as the school board chair’s daughter and the granddaughter of the prestigious Baekyeon Group, neither the teachers nor the students do anything about it.

Suji eventually goes back to Myeong Ja Eun and asks for her cooperation in getting rid of the pyramid game. Soon after, the second round of voting takes place, and Suji ends up receiving five votes and moves up to C-rank.

The violence stops immediately, and Suji sets about dismantling the game. She forms an alliance with Myeong Ja Eun, the newly F-ranked Pyo Ji Ae (Kim Se Hee), and other D-ranked students. Her calculation is that if they exchange votes and many of them move up to C-rank, the pyramid will naturally collapse.

However, her plan does not go unnoticed by Ha Rin. Just when Suji seems cornered, she receives unexpected help from several allies. Seo Do Ah (Shin Seul Ki), the enigmatic game moderator, reveals she has been aware of Suji’s plan from the start and offers covert support. Jo Seung Hwa (Cho Dong In), the brother of a former F-rank student who dropped out of school, provides crucial information by hacking into the school’s system.

The last to approach her is Im Ye Rim (Kang Naeon), a popular idol trainee in the same class. Coming from a wealthy family, Im Ye Rim has shown unknown favor to Suji from the beginning and harbors secret hostility towards Baek Ha Rin. Suji asks her to become an F-rank student. Her actions in carrying out another dangerous operation to collapse the pyramid heighten the anticipation for the next story.

Pyramid Game‘s episodes 5 and 6 will be released on Thursday, March 7th.

Source: TVING

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