Lee Jae Wook Takes Legal Action Against Online Slander Surrounding His Relationship with Karina

lee jae wook ex girlfriend
lee jae wook ex girlfriend
Credit: Prada

Lee Jae Wook is taking a stand against rumors swirling around his relationship with aespa’s Karina by pursuing legal action. After going public with their love, whispers about Lee Jae Wook’s supposed “back-to-back relationship”—a quick switch from one relationship to another—have led to a decisive legal response.

On the 29th, Lee Jae Wook’s agency, C-JeS Studio, announced, “After articles about Lee Jae Wook’s private life surfaced, we earnestly requested the public to view the budding relationship between the two individuals with kindness. Despite our plea, we’ve come across online postings that defame the actor with false information and malicious intent.”

lee jae wook ex girlfriend
Credit: Prada

The statement continued, “This grave violation of personal rights will be met with a robust legal response, utilizing both civil and criminal actions through our attorneys. We’re actively monitoring the internet and ask our fans to aid in identifying any harmful content, which will be instrumental in our legal efforts.”

The couple acknowledged their relationship just two days prior, on the 27th, having grown closer after attending the Prada collection on January 14th. Rumors had it that they were smitten with each other from their first encounter. Nevertheless, online communities and social media platforms have since been rife with rumors that Lee Jae Wook had been involved with a popular actress A up until December last year and that his relationship with Karina was a rebound.

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  • I don’t see why people get to voice their hatefulness on things that don’t concern them,leave them alone it’s their life their business, people need to work and worry about themselves,

  • I’m happy he found someone to be with and if he’s happy im all for it I’m here to support our Jae wook, just be happy

  • Idols are human being too so they should get to live their life as they want and wish. People should love his works and idolize but not to get over their head and start judging their personal life. Get some life people. Live and let live.

  • I wish the fans would give the actors they admire some space. They have the right to fall in love and/ or go out on a date with someone they like. Their personal/private lives are their business. If you are a true fan the SUPPORT them in everything they do.

  • Everyone is entitled to a personal life. Who they love and when they love is nobody else’s business. People are just showing their jealousy and their worst side of their nature.

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