‘Marry My Husband’ Heads Toward Its Grand Finale: Will It End Like the Original Webnovel?

marry my husband webtoon ending
marry my husband webtoon ending
Credit: tvN

As the clock ticks down to the final episodes of tvN’s 16-part drama Marry My Husband, anticipation builds over the fate of its protagonist, played by the captivating Park Min Young. This drama, based on the web novel and subsequent webtoon by author Sung Sojak, has kept audiences on the edge of their seats since its debut, weaving a tale of betrayal, revenge, and the quest for happiness.

Marry My Husband revolves around Kang Ji Won (Park Min Young) who witnesses her husband and best friend’s affair, gets murdered, and then time-travels back 10 years ago, determined to reshape her miserable fate. The drama took a gripping turn in episode 11 with the entrance of Ji Hyeok’s ex-fiancée, Oh Yu Ra (BoA), injecting the series with fresh tension and complexity.

Drenched in the so-called “makjang” elements—infidelity, attempted murder, and more—this drama has captivated audiences worldwide with its intense and spicy narrative. Marry My Husband skyrocketed to the top, ranking as the number one TV show on Amazon Prime Video’s global daily chart as of January 31st.

Marry My Husband explores the riveting storyline of a wife, tragically deceased, who finds herself transported back a decade to confront the infidelity of her closest friend and husband. Despite minor differences between the webtoon and the drama, the essence of the narrative remains consistent, offering a gripping blend of drama and suspense.

First, in the webtoon, Ji Hyeok (Na In Woo) is older than Ji Won, setting a traditional dynamic. However, the drama takes a contemporary twist, casting Ji Hyeok as a year younger than Ji Won. There’s also a shift in Ji Hyeok’s profession—originally depicted as venturing into business after leaving U&K Foods in the webtoon, whereas the drama introduces him as the heir apparent to U&K Holdings.

marry my husband webtoon ending
Credit: tvN

Another notable divergence in the drama adaptation is the expanded role of Yu Ra, a character absent from the webtoon. Originally portrayed as the sole daughter of a conglomerate and self-proclaimed fiancée of Ji Hyeok, her character in the drama evolves into a capable executive of Cloud Airlines, intriguingly altering the dynamics of the story.

The webtoon Marry My Husband wraps up with a heartwarming happy ending. Ji Won, who initially desired a life of solitude, comes to realize Ji Hyeok’s love for her, marrying him and living blissfully with their children. On a darker note, Min Hwan’s (Lee Yi Kyung) grim fate is sealed as he attempts to murder Su Min (Song Ha Yoon) for insurance money, only to meet a miserable end himself. Su Min, after committing the horrifying crime of murdering her mother-in-law, finds herself behind bars.

Viewers speculate that while there may be slight variations in how events unfold, the drama is likely to follow the webtoon’s conclusion, fulfilling a narrative of poetic justice and the triumph of good over evil.

However, there’s no guarantee the drama will mirror the webtoon’s ending. One person, citing the silence surrounding the drama’s finale, speculated, “Given the tight-lipped approach, it seems unlikely they’ll stick to the original.” Another viewer pondered, “While we anticipate a gratifying revenge, another trial might be ahead. Could it possibly end on an open note?”

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