BoA’s Entry Marks a Turning Point for ‘Marry My Husband’: Audience Divided Over Story Coherence

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tvN Monday-Tuesday drama Marry My Husband has been riding the waves of popularity as a must-watch, but recent developments have sparked a debate among its audience. The introduction of BoA as the new antagonist has not continued the streak of acclaim the show had been enjoying.

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As a narrative that delves into a woman’s journey to rewrite her destiny after witnessing her best friend and husband’s affair and subsequently being murdered, the drama had Park Min Young’s much-anticipated return to the screen after a year and two months, alongside the notable villainous performances of Lee Yi Kyung and Song Ha Yoon.

With a promising start at a 5.2% rating, Marry My Husband saw a consistent upward trajectory in viewership, peaking with a momentary rating of 13.4%. The story’s satisfying revenge plot had been well-received until the narrative took a turn with BoA’s character, Oh Yoo Ra, entering the scene as a grandchild of a chaebol chairman. After hearing a jest among elders, Oh Yoo Ra believes herself to be engaged to Yu Ji Hyuk (Na In Woo), displaying a disturbing level of entitlement and obsession toward her “fiance.” Her actions have led to divided opinions among viewers, particularly concerning the character’s believability.

Criticism heightened after a preview hinted at Oh Yoo Ra commissioning a hit on Kang Ji Won (Park Min Young) and siding with Jung Soo Min (Song Ha Yoon), leading to dissatisfaction with the plot’s direction. This character, absent from the original webtoon and with an increased presence compared to the original novel, has prompted viewer comments about the show becoming “frustrating to watch,” “increasingly boring,” and “feeling like a different drama since episode 11.”

With only four episodes left out of a 16-episode series, there’s growing concern that the drama might end on a disappointing note. Despite high anticipation for Oh Yoo Ra’s character, which initially drove the ratings up to 11.8%, a subsequent drop to 10.5% suggests viewers’ discontent. As the series diverges from the original novel’s plot, all eyes are on whether Marry My Husband can steer back to favorable reviews with a satisfying conclusion.


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