‘Marry My Husband’ Episode 12 Recap: Tension Rises Between Park Min Young and BoA

marry my husband boa
marry my husband boa
Credit: tvN

Episode 12 of tvN’s Marry My Husband sees tension escalate as Yoo Ji Hyuk’s (played by Na In Woo) fiancée Oh Yura (BoA) confronts Kang Ji Won (Park Min Young).

Kang Ji Won is frustrated after learning about Ji Hyuk’s engagement to Yu Ra, especially considering her recent struggles with trust and betrayal. This is particularly difficult for Ji Won, who already carries the pain of her mother’s infidelity and abandonment when she was young, and the horrid experience with Jung Soo Min (Song Ha Yoon).

Therefore, Kang Ji Won tries to end her relationship with Yoo Ji Hyuk, but Oh Yu Ra’s displeasure towards Kang Ji Won doesn’t die down. Oh Yu Ra, who investigates everything about Kang Ji Won, finds out that her boyfriend and best friend betrayed Kang Ji Won and got married. Yu Ra tries to use the information to attack Ji Won.

Meanwhile, Jung Soo Min gets enraged after realizing that she didn’t take something from Kang Ji Won, but picked up something that she had thrown away, her resentment towards Ji Won reaches its peak.

Precisely stimulated by Oh Yu Ra’s intentions, Jung Soo Min contacts Kang Ji Won’s mother, whom she lost touch with long ago, in an attempt to extort money. However, when things don’t go according to plan, Oh Yu Ra seeks the assistance of Park Min Hwan.

The episode ends with a shocking twist as Kang Ji Won gets into a car accident. A mysterious dump truck swerves towards her car, but Yoo Ji Hyuk’s car intervenes, taking the brunt of the impact. Now, viewers are left wondering who is behind this attempt on Ji Won’s life and whether she will be able to recover from this traumatic experience.

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