Disney Plus ‘The Impossible Heir’ Unveils First Stills of Lee Jae Wook, Lee Jun Young and Hong Su Zu

the impossible heir disney
the impossible heir disney
Credit: Disney Plus

The upcoming Disney Plus original series The Impossible Heir is grabbing attention with its promising new synergy featuring Lee Jae Wook, Lee Jun Young, and Hong Su Zu. Slated for a 2024 release, the series promises a tale of ambition and strategy among Korea’s elite.

The Impossible Heir narrates the gripping story of minor leaguers vying for the throne of South Korea’s top conglomerate. The unprecedented trio of Lee Jae Wook, Lee Jun Young, and Hong Su Zu, portraying characters filled with intense ambition, is set to stir the hearts of audiences worldwide. Their journey from friends to allies and lovers, through betrayal and conspiracy, is intricately woven into the narrative.

>> Lee Jae Wook Goes from Murderer’s Son to Topdog in ‘The Impossible Heir’

the impossible heir disney
Credit: Disney Plus

Lee Jae Wook takes on the role of Han Tae Oh, a murderer’s son determined to rise from the bottom. Lee Jun Young plays Kang In Ha, the illegitimate child of the wealthy Kang Oh Group, joining forces with Han Tae Oh to aim for Korea’s highest throne. Adding to the mix, Hong Su Zu’s character, Na Hye Won, approaches them, hoping to escape the dire poverty caused by her debt-ridden mother.

A new batch of stills offers a glimpse into the trio’s collaboration towards a common goal, the subtle love tension between Han Tae Oh and Na Hye Won, as well as Kang In Ha and Na Hye Won, and their unveiled desires after joining the Kang Oh Group, heightening anticipation for the series.

>> Lee Jun Young Transforms into the Ultimate Villain in Disney Plus Series ‘The Impossible Heir’

the impossible heir disney
Credit: Disney Plus

Director Min Yeon Hong expressed, “The actors have brought to life unique characters and a new story in a way that’s different from their previous works, tailored to today’s era. We’ve put a lot of effort into presenting familiar expressions in new ways.”

The Impossible Heir will premiere globally on Disney Plus on February 28th, promising a fresh and engaging storyline filled with ambition, strategy, and the complex dynamics of human relationships.

Source: Disney Plus

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