Lee Jae Wook Goes from Murderer’s Son to Topdog in ‘The Impossible Heir’

lee jae wook the impossible heir
lee jae wook the impossible heir
Credit: Disney Plus

Disney Plus is set to captivate audiences with its original series The Impossible Heir, where the stakes are high and the drama, intense. The series revolves around the cutthroat world of South Korea’s wealthiest families, where minor leaguers battle it out to claim the ultimate throne of affluence and power.

Lee Jae Wook steps into the shoes of Han Tae Oh, a character endowed with a brilliant mind and a cool, calculating demeanor. Fleeing from a world that scorned him due to his murderer father, Tae Oh determines to escape his bottom-rung life. He aligns with the illegitimate child of a chaebol family, Kang In Ha (Lee Jun Young), devising a master plan to ascend to South Korea’s highest throne of power. Lee Jae Wook is set to deliver a chilling and formidable portrayal of Tae Oh, a character who strategically maneuvers through situations with a relentless poker face and a burning ambition.

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lee jae wook the impossible heir
Credit: Disney Plus

Describing his role, the actor said, “Han Tae Oh is an obsessive character who pursues his goals to the end. He’s someone who keeps his cards close to his chest, never showing his hand while resolving matters.” He adds, “I’ve brought a lot of variation to my acting to subtly reveal the inner layers of the character, keeping the expressive part concealed. Through ‘The Impossible Heir,’ I can present a meticulous, calm, and persistent side of me.”

Director Min Yeon Hong, helming the series, praises Lee Jae Wook’s versatility and depth. “Watching Lee Jae Wook’s career unfold and his ability to deeply embody diverse roles has been impressive. And even doing so, he knows how to exude his charms. If Lee Jae Wook plays Han Tae Oh, who’s maintaining a serious demeanor and poker face, viewers will find him more relatable and captivating,” he remarked.

Meanwhile, The Impossible Heir is scheduled for release on February 28th, promising a tale of ambition, strategy, and the relentless pursuit of power.

lee jae wook the impossible heir
Credit: Disney Plus

Source: Disney Plus

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