Lee Jun Young Transforms into the Ultimate Villain in Disney Plus Series ‘The Impossible Heir’

Lee Jun Young The Impossible Heir
Lee Jun Young The Impossible Heir
Credit: Disney Plus

The upcoming Disney Plus original series The Impossible Heir is set to captivate audiences with the remarkable transformation of Lee Jun Young into a character of unparalleled ambition and villainy.

The Impossible Heir tells the story of minor leaguers vying for the throne of South Korea’s wealthiest family. Known for his unique portrayal of villainous characters in Mask Girl, D.P., and the movie Brave Citizen, Lee Jun Young embodies Janus’s dual nature this time as Kang In Ha, exploding with both good and evil, promising an intense and dynamic performance.

Lee Jun Young The Impossible Heir
Credit: Disney Plus

Lee Jun Young‘s Kang In Ha is a multifaceted character, free-spirited on the outside but harboring intense ambition within. As the illegitimate child of the powerful Kang Oh Group, he seeks recognition for his forsaken existence. Aligning himself with Han Tae Oh (Lee Jae Wook), who approaches under the guise of friendship, he harbors the ambition to rise from the lowest echelons to the top. He initially appears to be observing situations from behind Han Tae Oh but gradually becomes consumed by uncontrollable ambition.

The actor describes Kang In Ha as a character who “does not easily reveal his pain, fostering intrigue about his unpredictable nature.” He explained, “I think I’ll get to show various facets, oscillating between good and evil. I’ve made numerous attempts to express Kang In Ha’s freedom.”

Lee Jun Young The Impossible Heir
Credit: Disney Plus

Director Min Yeon Hong praises Lee Jun Young’s dedication. “Lee Jun Young’s determination to play a villainous role was strong, and I thought he suited the antagonist character exceptionally well. We built the character Kang In Ha step by step, focusing on his dramatic transformation and narrative. Given the character’s complex nature, embodying both good and evil, we constantly discussed how to distinguish these emotions,” Min shared.

Meanwhile, The Impossible Heir will meet its eagerly awaiting audiences worldwide on Disney Plus on February 28th.

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Source: Disney Plus

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