Weekly TV Top 10: ‘Marry My Husband’ Dominates Charts with Villainous Couple’s Saga

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Drama Ranking for 4th Week of January

tvN’s Marry My Husband continues its unwavering hold on the number one spot. Park Min Young and Na In Woo got to know each other’s secret, while their revenge against Lee Yi Kyung and Song Ha Yoon continued, ensuring its popularity endures. KBS’s Korea-Khitan War has been mired in controversy due to ongoing disagreements between the original author and the production team, sparking widespread debate. tvN’s Captivating the King soared to the third spot, with a storyline that sees Jo Jung Suk’s character betraying Shin Se Kyung, leading to a surge in viewership. MBC’s Knight Flower claims the fourth spot, with Lee Ha Nee’s performance spawning the term “Lee Ha Nee genre.” Making its debut in fifth place, SBS’s Flex x Cop has garnered a lukewarm response, with Park Ji Hyun’s character being the subject of much debate among fans. Disney Plus’ A Shop for Killers has climbed to the sixth spot. JTBC’s Doctor Slump kicked off at No. 7, receiving praise for its relatable depiction of depression among the characters. Rounding out the list, TVING’s LTNS took the last spot, not making headlines but earning praise for its entertainment value.

>> Lee Yi Kyung Earns Applause for Bringing the Worst Husband in K-drama to Life With ‘Marry My Husband’

  1. tvN Marry My Husband (Share 21.34%)
  2. KBS Korea–Khitan War (Share 10.27%)
  3. tvN Captivating the King (Share 9.16%)
  4. MBC Knight Flower (Share 7.87%)
  5. SBS Flex x Cop (Share 6.80%)
  6. Disney Plus A Shop for Killers (Share 5.67%)
  7. JTBC Doctor Slump (Share 5.12%)
  8. Netflix The Bequeathed (Share 4.97%)
  9. KBS Love Song for Illusion (Share 4.73%)
  10. TVING LTNS (Share 4.05%)
  1. Park Min Young, Marry My Husband (Share 4.59%)
  2. Lee Yi Kyung, Marry My Husband (Share 2.80%)
  3. Song Ha Yoon, Marry My Husband (Share 2.49%)
  4. Jo Jung Suk, Captivating the King (Share 1.84%)
  5. Lee Ha Nee, Knight Flower (Share 1.78%)
  6. Na In Woo, Marry My Husband (Share 1.65%)
  7. Shin Se Kyung, Captivating the King (Share 1.42%)
  8. Ahn Bo Hyun, Flex x Cop (Share 1.28%)
  9. Park Shin Hye, Doctor Slump (Share 1.04%)
  10. Park Hyung Sik, Doctor Slump (Share 1.02%)

Non-Drama Ranking for 4th Week of January

MBC’s I Live Alone has made it to the third spot, largely due to Lee Jang Woo’s eye-catching appearance in a snug green puffer jacket, hinting at his recent weight gain.

  1. TVING EXchange 3 (Share 3.63%)
  2. TV CHOSUN Miss Trot 3 (Share 3.56%)
  3. MBC I Live Alone (Share 3.50%)
  4. MBN Singing King (Share 3.45%) 
  5. JTBC Knowing Bros (Share 3.38%)
  6. ENA/SBS Plus I Am Solo (Share 3.04%)
  7. JTBC A Clean Sweep (Share 2.95%)
  8. KBS Gag Concert (Share 2.40%)
  9. tvN You Quiz on the Block (Share 2.35%)
  10. tvN NANA TOUR with SEVENTEEN (Share 2.29%)
  1. Lee Hye Jung, A Decision to Divorce (Share 1.32%)
  2. Ryu Soo Young, Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant (Share 1.25%)
  3. Park Seo Jin, Mr. House Husband Season 2 (Share 1.16%)
  4. Gian 84, Adventure by Accident 3 (Share 1.11%)
  5. Lee Jang Woo, I Live Alone (Share 1.08%)
  6. Baek Il Seob, With Father and Me (Share 1.05%)
  7. Jeon Yoo Jin, Singing King (Share 1.04%)
  8. Go Min Hwan, A Decision to Divorce (Share 0.98%)
  9. SEVENTEEN, NANA TOUR (Share 0.93%)
  10. Pani Bottle, Adventure by Accident 3 (Share 0.93%)

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