Lee Yi Kyung Earns Applause for Bringing the Worst Husband in K-drama to Life With ‘Marry My Husband’

lee yi kyung marry my husband
lee yi kyung marry my husband
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Lee Yi Kyung has once again nailed his role as a despicable husband in Marry My Husband.

The latest episode of Marry My Husband had viewers buzzing about Lee Yi Kyung’s stellar performance as Park Min Hwan, one of the most despicable K-drama husbands ever depicted on Korean TV.

Unaware of Jung Soo Min’s (played by Song Ha Yoon) vengeful scheme against Kang Ji Won (played by Park Min Young), Park Min Hwan spends a night with her at the workshop. However, he quickly changes his mind and attempts to end things with Soo Min when he realizes that he has lost all his money in his crashed stocks. Realizing that Ji Won could be his new source of income, he hurriedly proposes to her in an attempt to escape the problems he’s created.

In his past life, Min Hwan had disappointed Ji Won with his cheap marriage proposal. He had weaponized the concept of a ‘loving family’ and gaslighted her into marriage by threatening her with her age and fertility. Expecting no refusal from her, he prepares a romantic marriage proposal with a drone performance and a beautiful ring.

Lee Yi Kyung is perfectly portraying Park Min Hwan, who creates tension at the center of the conflict. He is creating a truly unique character that is unlike any other characters he has ever played before. His eyes and expressions, which change constantly depending on the situation, maximize the charm of the character, who is both shallow but impossible to hate. Min Hwan has become one of the elements that make the drama enjoyable.

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