Exclusive Interview: OMEGA X Thank Fandom for Their World Tour Success + Life in a New Agency

OMEGA X Interview
OMEGA X Interview
Credit: IPQ Entertainment

Debuting in June of 2021, the 11-member boy group OMEGA X have climbed the ranks and proven to be an unstoppable boy group with various hits such as debut song “What’s Going On,” “Love Me Like” and now with “JUNK FOOD.”

The boys Jaehan, Hwichan, Sebin, Hangyeom, Taedong, Xen, Jehyun, Kevin, Junghoon, Hyuk, and Yechan each possesses various talent, strength, and lovable qualities that make fans of all ages and in all countries swoon. After successful tours in Japan, Mexico and America the boys sit down to discuss their current success and future plans for 2024.

OMEGA X recently made a comeback with “Junk Food” and we wanted to know their reactions to the song.

How did OMEGA X feel the moment they first heard the song and lyrics to “Junk Food?” Were there any ways the boys wanted to sing or perform this uniquely titled track?

HWICHAN: “When I first heard ‘Junk Food,’ I was immediately captivated by its strong beat and loved the overall vibe of the song. The members completed the song with great lyrics, so I really looked forward to promoting the song as I prepared for it.”

With a variety of songs and three albums released over the years, OMEGA X must have a song they feel purely represents their style as artists.

If the members could pick one song that best represents OMEGA X, which would it be? FORX fans, write which song would you pick in the comments down below!

TAEDONG: “I chose the title track, ‘Junk Food.’ OMEGA X gives off an intense and never-stopping vibe as a group, and I think this song does a great job of capturing that aspect.”

How did you spend your time during the break before your comeback with your third mini-album iykyk and can you tell us any memorable moments you had?

YECHAN: “Together with the members we discussed our future plans for 2024, worked on music, and made an effort to create a schedule that would enable us to connect with our fans more.”

With the success of the tours, OMEGA X appear to be more connected to their international fandom than before. After making a comeback, what were the boys most excited about?

KEVIN: “I was most excited about our new style, upcoming songs, and future stages, as well as the content we aim to create. I also fondly recall the efforts that we made to connect with our fans.”

OMEGA X Interview
Credit: IPQ Entertainment

After the successful ‘Keep Going’ concert in Japan, the U.S. tour and the ‘Dreamy 4X’ online performance, the boys crave the stage and want to do more of international FORX fand.

How did OMEGA X feel about these opportunities and what new content are you focusing on in 2024?

XEN: “Most importantly, our focus is on connecting with our fans during all our activities. Please send your love and support to OMEGA X as we aim to shine even brighter this year.”

Without a doubt, FOR X (the official fandom name of Omega X fans) can expect more fan signings, international tours, and hopefully live streams with the playful boy group.

With such a long history, the charming boys of OMEGA X are no exception and cannot escape the evolution and changes artists go through naturally.

Compared to your debut song, do you think the group has grown or changed a lot up till now, and how?

SEBIN: “I would not say that the journey has been smooth sailing from the beginning. Rather we overcame all hardships and challenges and have grown into a group that can tackle any future obstacles. I also think we could grow even more, thanks to our fans.”

OMEGA X Interview
Credit: IPQ Entertainment

For those new to the group, OMEGA X has experienced hardships such as their Instagram being hacked and even horrible mismanagement from their previous agency. The group had many situations that disrupted the stability of the group and their promotions. However, OMEGA X was able to remain intact due to their fans and now they have more confidence than before to handle any obstacles that come their way.

Despite all the serious situations, taking the time to remember the good ol’ days is not only fun for the idols but also heartwarming for fans as well.

Can you share any memorable or funny stories from your debut days?

HYUK: “It was quite awkward and there wasn’t much conversation among the members when we all first met. But Sebin broke the ice by introducing himself and lightened up the mood. He is still the moodmaker, but thinking about those awkward moments still makes me laugh.”

After pondering over their career success, the boys explained why they are interested in TikTok and the current trends they enjoy in Korea and sharing with fans.

Can you tell us any trends that you have been participating in?

JUNGHOON: “I’m personally interested in doing K-pop dance challenges. I often film it together with the members as well as alone.”

The fun doesn’t stop there! When asked about their hobbies and things they do as a group, OMEGA X replied, “Check out OMEGA X’s official Instagram and TikTok accounts for those videos!” FOR X and new fans can get to know the boys a little deeper and view happenings in their daily lives from their social media.

With dancing in mind, the group has had many comebacks and many concepts.

Which outfits were the most uncomfortable to perform in?

JEHYUN: “I prefer well-fitted pants and I wear them often. During this comeback, I tried dancing in wide pants and they were more uncomfortable than I anticipated. But I tried regardless of the overall visual of the group.” Idols often comment on how tight their clothes are and these tight clothes often lead to wardrobe malfunctions on stage, but, shockingly enough, OMEGA X must simply be a different breed of K-Pop idols and prefer the tightest of clothing possible. Beauty is pain.

Pulling off ‘aegyo’ (애교 – a Korean word for cute behavior and expressions) is a challenge for everyone, especially Jaehan. Tell us what the members really think about Jaehan’s adorable attempts at aegyo.

Are there any standout reactions or behind-the-scenes stories between the members?

HANGYEOM: “I think JAEHAN is one of the members that is the best at aegyo. Previously, I had appeared on Weekly Idol with Jaehan and Yechan where Jaehan sang the trending ‘Ottoke Song.’ Though it seemed challenging for him, he proved to be a great idol. I learned that one needs to be proficient in half-falsettos to be a master of aegyo.”

It would be wise to keep your eyes open for more future opportunities where all the members may explore new concepts and shower us with more of their aegyo.

Lastly, OMEGA X shared one last charming message for their fandom, FOR X before signing off from our fun interview.

JAEHAN: “To FOR X, who are always there by our side! I wish to be with you through both challenging and joyful times. I hope the support and love we have for each other will last for the longest time. Thank you, always.”

OMEGA X Interview
Credit: IPQ Entertainment

If you’re a FOR X or a new fan falling in love with the boys, leave a comment of support for OMEGA X down below and to share this article with fellow friends and fans. What was your favorite question to read about? Don’t forget to follow our Instagram and Twitter to partake in our fan question surveys and chances to ask your favorite idols questions of your own as well.

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