‘The Matchmakers’ Final Episode Recap: Will Rowoon and Cho Yi Hyun Have a Happy Ending?

the matchmakers ending
the matchmakers ending
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KBS’ The Matchmakers ended on a high note as Shin Jung Woo (portrayed by Rowoon) and Jung Soon Deok (Cho Yi Hyun) found their happily ever after. The final episode not only marked a fitting end to the series but also garnered its highest viewership rating throughout its entire run, reaching an impressive 5.8 percent.

The final episode had Jo Ye Jin and Yoon Bu Gyeom officially exchanging vows in the presence of Kim Moon Gun, Lady Park So Hyeon (portrayed by Park Ji Young) and onlookers. However, Lady Park learns that Soon Deok told Jo Ye Jin about her ties to her husband and brother’s deaths. Outraged, she sets a trap to ensnare Soon Deok and Jung Woo.


Jung Woo is falsely accused and arrested by Lady Park. The king (Jo Han Chul) questions whether it’s a trap, but Jung Woo only pleads to ensure no harm comes to Soon Deok before ingesting the poisonous cocktail he received as his death penalty. Meanwhile, Lady Park forces Jung Soon Deok to take her own life. Thankfully, due to the king’s wisdom, Jung Woo wakes up ten days later, as the poison he took had only a small amount of toxicity.

A month later, the king visits Shin Jung Woo and gives him a new identity. He orders him to work as a matchmaker connecting bachelors and maidens in the country and tells him to meet a matchmaker he saved. There, Shin Jung Woo reunites with Jung Soon Deok, who had tricked everyone into thinking she took her own life, even arranging a fake funeral before escaping.

The final episode concludes as Shim Jung Woo charmingly asks, “Shall we now travel the eight provinces to find ideal matches for singles?” subtly proposing to her. Soon Deok replies, “Let’s start with an exciting date first,” and he responds, “An exciting date? Absolutely,” with a smile.

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