Jinyoung and Go Min Si Stun in Their Latest Photoshoot as Picture-Perfect Pair

go min si jinyoung
go min si jinyoung
Credit: Cosmopolitan Korea

Netflix’s Sweet Home 2 stars Go Min Si and Jinyoung recently collaborated in a couple’s photoshoot for Cosmopolitan Korea. Known for their on-screen chemistry in the show, the duo radiated their charisma, earning praise from the crew.

In an interview following the photoshoot, Go Min Si discussed her character’s evolution, “In Season 1, Eun Yu was always talkative and confrontational. But in Season 2, she becomes more action-oriented, with fewer words. Though she appears tougher and colder externally, with scars everywhere and always armed, an inner warmth has sparked within her. She’s now willing to sacrifice herself, not wanting to lose anyone dear again. It’s definitely a sign of her growth.”

Jinyoung, playing the newly introduced Chan Yeong in Season 2, added, “Chan Yeong refuses to give up his humanity till the very end. He meets Eun Yu while fighting to preserve this humanity. He’s a righteous character who voluntarily enlisted, but I don’t think he knows much about love. He’s caught between love and not-love while following Eun Yu, and though I can’t reveal much about Season 3, I believe his emotional journey will expand.”

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go min si jinyoung
Credit: Cosmopolitan Korea
go min si jinyoung
Credit: Cosmopolitan Korea

Regarding their acting synergy, Go Min Si said, “It was really great. Eun Yu is a bit of a loner. She’s disliked within the stadium, so I spent a lot of time alone during filming. On days I shot with Jinyoung, I relied on him a lot emotionally.”

Jinyoung chimed in, “We have similar personalities. We’re both positive and share similar interests. When one is tired, it can affect the other, but we both have a lot of energy, so even in difficult scenes, it doesn’t show how tired we are. This allowed us to encourage each other and be a source of inspiration. Thanks to Min Si, I was able to push myself harder.”

When asked about the genre they’d like to explore together if given a chance, Jinyoung picked romantic comedy. He explained, “I think we’d have a fun project if we leveraged our own strengths and characters.”

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