Go Min Si Teases Love Triangle to Come in ‘Sweet Home 3’

sweet home romance
sweet home romance
Credit: Netflix

Go Min Si teased that there will be an interesting love triangle in Season 3 of Sweet Home in an interview for the new season.

In Season 2, Go Min Si’s character, Eun Yoo refuses to accept the death of her brother Eun Hyuk (played by Lee Do Hyun) and struggles to uncover the mysterious identity protecting her. Additionally, she builds relationships with Hyun Soo (played by Song Kang) and Chan Young (played by Jinyoung).

Go Min Si commented, “This season really delved into the relationships among Chan Young, Hyun Soo, and Eun Yoo. In Season 3, Chan Young will have more to offer for Eun Yoo, and we will see how much he is willing to sacrifice for her. Hyun Soo believes he can save the world in his own way and also looks after Eun Yoo.”

Regarding the conclusion, she teased, “The complexity of their relationship will be something to look out for in the upcoming season.”

Go Min Si also revealed his perspective on whom she would choose in reality between Chan Young and Song Kang. He stated, “I would choose Hyun Soo. He was Eun Yoo’s first love. Initially, Eun Yoo did not consider Chan Young as her romantic partner. His continuous pursuit of Eun Yoo made her realize that they share a common ground.”

She continued, “When Chan Young reached out to help Eun Yoo in Season 2, she saw him simply as someone she could trust, not as someone she would get involved with romantically. I am curious about the future dynamics of their relationship.”

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