Jinyoung Opens Up About On-Screen Chemistry With Go Min Si in ‘Sweet Home 2’

jinyoung sweet home
jinyoung sweet home
Credit: Netflix

Jinyoung spoke highly of his co-star in Sweet Home 2, Go Min Si, with whom he shares compelling on-screen chemistry. The interview with Jinyoung, which took place on the 4th of December, delved into the intricate dynamics of their characters in this gripping narrative.

Sweet Home 2 revolves around the survivors from Green Home, who navigate a world where desires turn into monsters. They fight individual battles to survive in a new environment. Jinyoung portrays Chan Yeong, a soldier from a special forces unit who closely interacts with Eun Yu, played by Go Min Si.

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The duo has sparked viewer interest with scenes hinting at a potential romance, earning accolades for their unique chemistry. Jinyoung commented, “I wondered if Chan Yeong followed Eun Yu around merely because she’s pretty. But, I think Eun Yu’s character shares similarities with Chan Yeong. She’s righteous and risks everything, even venturing into danger, to find Eun Hyeok (Lee Do Hyun). It feels like Chan Yeong discovers someone who truly resembles him.”

jinyoung sweet home
Credit: Netflix

Jinyoung also revealed their playful interaction on social media, using lines from the series. He shared, “We shared the most screen time and were together all the time. Go Min Si has a great personality. She never complains even during tough shoots. We joked around and relied on each other, saying things like ‘We can go home early.’ We just hit it off, which made us work harder.”

Additionally, Jinyoung mentioned the possible romantic development between Chan Yeong and Eun Yu in the third season. “I can’t give away spoilers, but terrifying events unfold in Season 3. You can see just how far Chan Yeong, who always follows through on what he starts, will go for Eun Yu,” he hinted. “There might be scenes in Season 3 that fans of Chan Yeong and Eun Yu’s story will love.”

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