Lee Young Ae’s Music Drama ‘Maestra: Strings of Truth’ Receives Mixed Responses

maestra strings of truth
maestra strings of truth
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Lee Young Ae‘s latest drama Maestra: Strings of Truth received mixed reviews regarding its storyline involving infidelity.

In Episode 2, Cha Se Eum (played by Lee Young Ae) is shocked by the news of her husband’s affair. Yoo Jung Jae (Lee Moo Seng) buys out The Han River Philharmonic in an attempt to win back the heart of his former lover, Se Eum. The two broke up 20 years ago when Jung Jae’s obsession prevented her from pursuing her conductor career.

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Jung Jae reappears in her life and cancels all her orchestra performances. Furious at the sudden cancellation, she faces off with him, only to hear that he will continue canceling all the performances until she gets divorced. Se Eum firmly replies, “Things will not work out in your favor,” and successfully concludes the free performances.

Se Eum faces another crisis when she witnesses her husband, Kim Pil (Kim Young Jae), kissing Lee Ah Jin (Lee Si Won) on the stairs.

In just two episodes, viewers have shown split responses to the classic infidelity trope in the drama. Some defended its inclusion, emphasizing its necessity to depict Se Eum’s growth story, while others expressed their disappointment with the overused trope. A viewer commented, “It’s so disappointing – I expected it to be better than Beethoven Virus.” Another viewer chimed in, saying, “That infidelity trope marred the success of this otherwise great drama.”

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