Kim Nam Gil Talks About Having Trouble Memorizing Lines After Big Car Accident

Credit: Suchwita

Kim Nam Gil talked about the car accident he experienced after successfully passing the audition for MBC’s open recruitment in 2003, in the 23rd episode of Suchwita uploaded on BTS’s official YouTube channel.

The actor is known as one of BTS Jin’s best friends. Receiving warm greetings from Suga, he jokingly said, “Actually, I wanted to buy another gift that you might like after buying that whiskey. So I called Jin and asked, ‘What does Suga like?’ And he said, ‘Well, he likes playing basketball. But honestly, I don’t know what else he’s into.’ I was like, ‘Okay, thanks for nothing, Jin’.”

Kim Nam Gil started his acting career after successfully passing the 31st talent audition hosted by MBC. Sharing a shocking story behind his journey, he said, “After passing the audition, there was a six-week training period where you learn about the attitude you need to have on TV. One day, I drove home after giving a ride to my colleagues. That’s when I got into a car accident. I crashed into another car. It was a pretty bad one, so I was hospitalized for about six months.”

The actor playfully added, “That’s why memorizing lines has been hard for me ever since then. I think it’s an after-effect. Usually, people say long-term effects last for three to four months, but mine has been ongoing for about 30 years now.” Suga responded, saying, “I’ve been in a car accident too. Back when I was 20. Had surgery and everything. That’s probably why I struggle with memorizing lyrics,” bringing a laugh from everyone.

Back to talking about overcoming such difficulties, Kim Nam Gil mentioned that advice from fellow actors, including Jeon Do Yeon and Park Sung Woong during the filming of The Shameless, helped him out a lot.

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