Jeon Hye Jin Was in the Dark About Lee Sun Kyun’s Alleged Drug Use Until Reports Surfaced

lee sun kyun wife
lee sun kyun wife
Credit: OSEN, iMBC

Amidst suspicions of drug use, actor Lee Sun Kyun‘s wife, actress Jeon Hye Jin, reportedly had no knowledge of the situation until just before it hit the news.

Former entertainment reporter turned YouTuber Lee Jin Ho shared insights into Lee Sun Kyun’s claims of being extorted for 350 million KRW (approximately 280,000 USD). Lee said, “There were comments like ‘How could his family not know this?’ and ‘How could the agency employees be unaware?’ Criticism also directed at Jeon Hye Jin, like ‘She didn’t know, for real?’ or ‘Did she know and hide it?’ However, Jeon Hye Jin really didn’t know about any of this until just before the news broke out.”

>> Lee Sun Kyun Claims He Was Misled into Drug Usage

The YouTuber continued, “The first name Lee Sun Kyun called after the initial report was his wife’s. He was worried about her. In his first appearance at the police station, he said, ‘I’m sorry to my family, including Jeon Hye Jin.'”

The reason the family was unaware has been a topic of speculation. Lee explained, “Reports have surfaced stating Lee Sun Kyun bagged 200 million KRW per episode. That’s 2 billion KRW for 10 episodes. So 350 million KRW may not seem like a lot in that context. But the person who manages the money is Jeon Hye Jin. Lee Sun Kyun was in a situation where he couldn’t tell his wife about the blackmailing.”

He added, “Lee Sun Kyun borrowed it from a close friend. This friend also had no idea why Lee Sun Kyun borrowed that kind of money. He was so desperate, pleading for help, so the friend lent it to him. Why he needed the money was only revealed through the reports. The biggest victim in this whole thing is Jeon Hye Jin.”

Meanwhile, Lee Sun Kyun has been accused of taking various types of drugs, including marijuana, at the home of entertainment establishment manager A since the beginning of this year. After the suspicions surfaced, Lee claimed that he was blackmailed by A and others, losing 350 million KRW, and filed a complaint for extortion. Police reportedly secured various pieces of evidence from the digital forensic analysis of Lee Sun Kyun’s phone and plan to proceed with a third round of questioning.

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  • A great actor. A ridiculous case. In many countries in the world consuming marihuana is neither prosecuted nor looked down upon. Happens in a country where you’re considered strange if you do not drink, often to oblivion, and have so mäny people dying from it…. surreal.

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