Ma Dong Seok and Netflix Join Forces for Action-Packed ‘Badland Hunters’

badland hunters netflix movie
badland hunters netflix movie
Credit: ABO Entertainment, BH Entertainment, Blade Entertainment, Namoo Actors

Ma Dong Seok, aka Don Lee, is making a triumphant return in a post-apocalyptic drama.

On the 2nd, Netflix announced the release plans for their new original movie, Badland Hunters. The veil has also been lifted on the principal cast lineup, with Ma Dong Seok taking the lead. Set in a world reduced to ruins, where power reigns supreme in a lawless land, Badland Hunters is an action blockbuster that depicts the ultimate struggle of those trying to survive.

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Of note, the film is gaining attention as the directorial debut of Heo Myung Haeng, who has previously served as the stunt coordinator for numerous hits like The Outlaws, Hunt, and Train to Busan. Especially high expectations are surrounding the reunion of Heo Myung Haeng and Ma Dong Seok, who previously showcased impeccable chemistry in The Outlaws.

Adding to the anticipation, the film features a star-studded cast including Lee Hee Joon from The Man Standing Next, Lee Jun Young from Netflix’s Mask Girl and D.P., and Roh Jeong Eui from Our Beloved Summer, elevating expectations for this new action blockbuster presented by Netflix.

Furthermore, Badland Hunters is a collaborative effort between Climax Studio, which has showcased the power of K-content globally through Netflix series like Hellbound, D.P., and Netflix movie Ballerina, and Big Punch Pictures, which has been rewriting the history of Korean action movies with its The Outlaws series.

Meanwhile, Badland Hunters is set to be released in over 190 countries worldwide via Netflix, ready to thrill global audiences.

Source: Netflix

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