Speculations Surrounding G-Dragon’s Alleged Drug Use Debunked by Full-Length Video

G-Dragon drug video
G-Dragon drug video
Credit: BEHIND

The K-pop world has been abuzz with rumors and speculations regarding G-Dragon, a member of the iconic group BIGBANG.

Allegations of drug use had put the South Korean singer and rapper in the spotlight, with him firmly denying any involvement in such activities. However, the situation took an even darker turn when a brief video clip of him seemingly exhibiting “erratic” behaviors related to drug abuse.

G-Dragon drug video
Credit: Youtube Channel JTBC News

After the short clip gained attention online, an internet user posted a video on October 31st titled “I Found the Original Video of G-Dragon Cracking His Neck.” In the initially trending shorter version of the video, the singer was seen entering a shop while twisting and cracking his neck in an unusual manner. However, the longer, unedited version of the video provided a different perspective.

In the full-length video, it became evident that G-Dragon was simply doing stretching exercises before entering a shop. He even greeted fans in a normal manner before stepping into the store. After watching the full-length video, G-Dragon’s fans swiftly came to his defense, suggesting that the short video had been edited to make him look bad. Comments like “G-Dragon frequently stretches, and fans are well aware of that,” and “Most of it was malicious editing” flooded online discussions. However, some remained cautious, saying they should wait for the official investigation results.

On October 25th, G-Dragon was officially charged with violating drug management laws, despite his strong denial of any drug use. The emergence of the full video has since raised doubt on the initial accusations.

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