Concerns Rise Over G-Dragon’s Recent Odd Behaviors and Drug Allegations

G Dragon drug behaviors
G Dragon drug behaviors
Credit: Elle Youtube Channel

The Incheon Metropolitan Police Department’s Special Investigation Unit initiated an investigation against the popular South Korean artist, G-Dragon, for alleged violations of drug-related laws on October 25th. This incident marks G-Dragon’s return to police scrutiny after approximately 12 years, following similar incident in 2011 that resulted in a suspended sentence due to his claim of unknowingly smoking marijuana handed by a stranger that year.

While the investigation is ongoing, recent interviews and public appearances by G-Dragon have sparked attention, highlighting some of his unusual behaviors.

G Dragon drug behaviors
Credit: Newsen

One noteworthy sighting happened in May when G-Dragon was departing from Incheon International Airport to attend the Chanel 2023/24 show. While walking through the airport, he was seen constanly taking off and putting his cap back on. Observers also noted that he seemed to be fidgeting and twisting his body as though something was bothering him.

G Dragon drug behaviors
Credit: Newsen
G Dragon drug behaviors
Credit: Newsen

In an interview with a fashion magazine in October 2022, G-Dragon also displayed some concerning behaviors as he spoke abnormally slowly in a distracted manner.

Furthermore, he garnered concern for his drastic weight loss at the Chanel 2022/23 cruise show in May 2022.

The star’s behavior over the past year has raised concerns, with instances of behavior resembling that of someone under the influence of drugs, such as body twisting and unsteady movements.

Notably, there is a significant contrast between G-Dragon’s recent appearances and his 2015 interview on JTBC’s Newsroom. Observers have highlighted noticeable differences in his speech, gaze, and gestures, commenting, “He seems like a different person when you compare him to how he looked eight years ago.”

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