‘Doona!’ Teases Romance Between Suzy and Yang Se Jong That Will Make Hearts Flutter

doona suzy
doona suzy
Credit: Netflix

Netflix’s new series Doona! has released swoon-worthy romance stills that will give you all the feels.

The drama unfolds the budding romance between a regular college student, Won Jun, and a retired K-pop idol, Doona, who cross paths in a shared house. As these two make a pact not to fall for each other, the newly released romance stills only add fuel to the question: How will their relationship evolve?

Once a member of the popular idol group Dream Sweet, Doona (Suzy) initially mistakes Won Jun (Yang Se Jong) as a stalker fan when he shows up wearing Dream Sweet merch. Remaining guarded, she gives him the cold shoulder. But Doona, who has put up high walls against the world, finds herself gradually letting her guard down, captivated by Won Jun’s innocent and warm demeanor. What started as a misunderstanding morphs into a shared universe, where they both discover that the other has become a significant presence in their lives.

doona suzy
Credit: Netflix

Director Lee Jung Hyo conveyed, “The story centers around two characters who struggle in their own ways—Doona with expressing herself, and Won Jun with understanding Doona. It unfolds by following Won Jun’s perspective, helping the audience come to understand both his thoughts and Doona’s as the story progresses.”

Suzy and Yang Se Jong added their own insights. Suzy mentioned, “I approached him wanting to become friends and then subtly test out how Won Jun feels about me.” Yang Se Jong chimed in, “As the relationship with Doona deepens, I find myself increasingly focused on her and naturally accept the evolving emotions.”

Tailor-made for the deepening autumn vibes, Doona! is set to premiere exclusively on Netflix on October 20th.

Source: Netflix

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