‘Dear Jinri’ Director Recalls What Sulli Was Like In Person: “She was different from what media described”

Dear Jinri
Dear Jinri
Credit: Busan International Film Festival

Director Jung Yoon Suk of Dear Jinri mentioned the late Sulli while sharing the creative process of her posthumous film Persona 2.

Persona 2 serves as the sequel to the 2019 film Persona, which starred IU. Filming abruptly ceased following Sulli’s tragic passing and was only recently unveiled at the Busan International Film Festival. The movie features a series of interviews that shed light on the various concerns and thoughts Sulli had as an actor and artist.

Director Jung ventured to say, “The most important thing in the process of making the film was to carefully follow the protagonist’s thoughts and behaviors.” Recalling the filming days, he recounted, “Sulli was an excellent listener. She would always listen to what people had to say and made a genuine effort to understand their point of view.” “That’s when I realized she was different from what the media described. The person I worked with was the real Choi Jinri,” he added.

He continued, “She was a kind and considerate person who genuinely embraced the thoughts of others. It was surprising to discover that her public image was entirely different from her real-life personality.”

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