Gong Yoo Talks About His Cute Bond With ‘Goblin’ Co-star Lee Dong Wook

lee dong wook gong yoo friendship
lee dong wook gong yoo friendship
Credit: YouTube “DdeunDdeun”

Gong Yoo couldn’t help but expose the true colors of his close pal, Lee Dong Wook.

On the September 29 episode of the YouTube show “Pinggyego,” host Yoo Jae Suk had a star-studded couch featuring Jo Se Ho, Yang Se Chan, and of course, Gong Yoo.

“We actually wanted to have Wook Dong (Lee Dong Wook) here too, but he’s currently overseas. We were looking forward to recreating some Goblin magic,” Yoo quipped, expressing his slight disappointment.

The conversation got real when Gong Yoo dished out that he recently attended the premiere of the movie Sleep, starring his agency mate Jung Yu Mi. Yoo jumped in, saying, “You and Wook Dong have similar vibes, you know? On the surface, you’re nonchalant, but you’re always there when needed. He even corrected my posture at the gym!”

Hearing that, Jo praised Lee Dong Wook, Yoo Jae Suk, and Gong Yoo for their considerate personalities, “They always quietly pick up the tab without making a big deal about it,” he quipped. As everyone nodded in agreement, Gong Yoo seized the moment to spill some insider tea. “Well, Dong Wook does like to show off to me. He’s like, ‘I paid the bill,'” giving a big laugh.

Jo chimed in to defend Lee Dong Wook, “It’s probably because you’re older than him. He tends to show off more to his older friends, saying, ‘I bought this.'” Gong Yoo confirmed this with another anecdote, “When we go fishing with our younger managers, he doesn’t make a fuss about treating them. He buys stuff like it’s nothing, but he shows off to me.”

Jo shared his own observations: “When Dong Wook is with Gong Yoo, he seems more like the younger brother. If Dong Wook starts talking, Gong Yoo just listens, nodding. Dong Wook is the ultimate big brother when he’s with us, but not like that with Gong Yoo,” giving a glimpse into their friendship.

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