Rowoon Writes Heartfelt Letter to Fans as He Leaves SF9

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Rowoon has shared his candid thoughts on his departure from the K-pop group SF9, where he has been a member for the past seven years, in a heartfelt handwritten letter.

On September 18th, Rowoon addressed his departure from SF9 through a handwritten letter posted on the group’s official fan community. He wrote, “I’m mustering the courage to take on something new.”

Previously, FNC Entertainment had announced, “Although all the members have renewed their contracts, SF9 plans to take another leap forward as an 8-member group, with Rowoon choosing to depart to focus on personal activities, including acting.”

Rowoon expressed, “There were also moments of frustration, where I was unable to clarify every little misunderstanding one by one. I believed that someday, my sincerity would get through, so I dedicated myself to the immediate tasks at hand.” He also stated, “Of course, I understand that I may receive as much criticisms as I’ve received interest and support, but I suppose I’m a bit soft. Depending on the situation, one needs the courage to confront and dispel misunderstandings when they arise, but in the past, I was always busy concealing.”

He extended his apologies to fans who might have been hurt by the sudden news of his departure, saying, “To those fans who felt hurt and disappointed by my complacent attitude, I am genuinely sorry.” He added, “If you sensed a change in me and found it unfamiliar, you must have also definitely felt upset that I hid away. I sincerely apologize.”

Furthermore, he expressed his determination to embark on a new journey in the field of acting, stating, “Please stand by me as 27-year-old Kim Seok Woo (Rowoon’s real name) takes on a life for which he can take full responsibility. I will remain true to the person everyone remembers.”

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  • I think with a warm kind heart and a soul for understanding.
    I think there are choices out in the right direction.
    Only go with what makes us happy. Something you feel is right for you. Just one wish don’t give up acting even if you only get three dramas a year.

  • Whatever he does, he will be phenomenal at it. It takes courage to follow your dream. We can only respect one who does. I look forward to his future work.

  • Life offers you many paths to take. Always take care of yourself first then you can find inner peace which will bring about your hopes and dreams coming true. Never think of disappointment only lessons to achieve greater things in life. I wish you inner peace and a heart and soul that brings you only only happiness.

  • I wish you all the luck to succeed in life and I support you in your decision to sort out your life. Whether it’s acting, singing or your personal life, you have the right as a person to choose your life path and your happiness.

  • I wish Rowoon succes in his New adventure. Is good to change while you growing. Fans must understand that if they love you. 7years you have learn a lot and now you have to take another journey. Always stay by your heart where you think you must go.
    Love you to in your New journey.

  • Well!Goodluck of whatever to fulfill in your career.Just think about you are a professional as an actor.We all your fans sencerity to continue ,to adore you,to fallow you what matter to be,we are here and support you.The most important that we care and love you.

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