Instagram for Park Seo Joon & Park Bo Young’s Characters in ‘Concrete Utopia’ Goes Viral

concrete utopia park seo joon
concrete utopia park seo joon
Credit: Instagram/@min_castle0809

The film Concrete Utopia captured attention with the engrossing Instagram account of the character Min Seong.

Set in a post-earthquake ruin of Seoul, Concrete Utopia is a disaster drama revolving around survivors who gather in the last remaining building. The movie, still going strong in its fourth week, has gained attention for the Instagram account featuring the idyllic life of the main couple, Min Seong (Park Seo Joon) and Myeong Hwa (Park Bo Young).

Park Seo Joon and Park Bo Young, who piqued interest even before the release, further elevated the film’s immersion with their on-screen chemistry. Amidst this, the couple’s Instagram account (@min_castle0809) is sending the fans into a frenzy with their pre-earthquake life.


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Particularly noteworthy are the photos showcasing the couple’s dating years, wedding pictures, and glimpses of their newlywed home—scenes not featured in the movie. These extras offer an expanded cinematic pleasure and deliver immense satisfaction. Adding a fun twist, Park Seo Joon has even left playful comments like, “Let’s avoid running into each other. It might put one of us at risk,” and “Who are you, really?”

In response, audiences are expressing fervent reactions such as, “Seeing their happy life makes me tear up… Min Seong, Myeong Hwa forever!”, “This account makes me want to watch the movie again,” and “It’s heartbreaking to see these after seeing the movie.” Additionally, comments from international fans who haven’t yet seen the film are pouring in, signaling a widening sphere of enthusiastic attention toward the movie.

Lauded for its robust narrative, flawless performances, and compelling message, Concrete Utopia has successfully captured a broad demographic and shows no signs of slowing down its box office run.


Source: Lotte Entertainment

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