Jo In Sung Dishes on His Comeback to Romance and Working with Han Hyo Joo in ‘Moving’

jo in sung moving
jo in sung moving
Credit: Disney Plus Korea YouTube

Jo In Sung spilled on returning with a love story after a long time in the hit series Moving.

On the 1st, Disney Plus Korea uploaded an interview featuring the cast of Moving, including Ryu Seung Ryong, Kim Sung Kyun, Cha Tae Hyun, and of course, Jo In Sung.

Cha Tae Hyun probed Jo In Sung about what the most appealing part of his character Du Sik was. In response, Jo highlighted his co-star Han Hyo Joo, saying, “The charm of Du Sik lies in his duality. He’s a thoroughly professional intelligence agent—charismatic, quiet, and sharp when he’s working. But when it comes to someone he loves, he ends up completely falling apart and behaving differently than he’d planned.”

Jo continued, “It’s been a while since I’ve done romance,” adding, “I was curious about how it would feel to do it at this stage of my life.” He expressed significant anticipation for how he will be received in Moving.

When Cha asked, “Were you satisfied with your performance this time?” Jo replied, “Hyo Joo did an amazing job. I hope she feels the same,” emphasizing his chemistry with Han Hyo Joo. To that, Cha jested, “If anyone meets Hyo Joo, ask her if she feels the same,” bringing out laughs all around.

Cha then shared a funny anecdote from his shooting, saying, “I thought a child actor would be playing the high school days (of my character). That’s common, after all.” He laughed as he continued, “I was told to act as a high school student. I was really concerned. When I got to the set, everyone was actually a high schooler. What’s the point of admiring (how young we look) with Kim Hee Won? In front of them, we’re all just old men.”

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