Kim Nam Gil Leads in Netflix’s ‘Song of the Bandits’ with Action and Intrigue

Credit: Netflix

The upcoming Netflix series Song of the Bandits has confirmed its release next month.

Starring Kim Nam Gil, Seohyun, Yoo Jae Myung, Lee Hyun Wook, and more, Song of the Bandits is an action-packed adventure set in the lawless territory of Gando (north of the Tumen River) during the 1920s. In this Chinese territory where Japan’s money and Korea’s people converge, the series explores the relentless fight of those determined to protect their loved ones and homestead.

Credit: Netflix

The released teaser sets the stage in turbulent Gando, starting with intense and audacious action. A band of thieves, united in a quest to live with dignity, race across the desert engulfed in a sandstorm, fighting to protect what’s dear to them.

Kim Nam Gil, who plays the leader of the thieves Lee Yoon, spoke about his decision to take on the role. “Some live to reclaim their country, but what intrigued me was the tale of those living to protect the people around them,” he explained. He then went on to express his anticipation, saying, “I was curious what kind of synergy would emerge as the story blends the historical context with the struggle to protect the family.”

The poster captures Kim Nam Gil standing alone under the vast sky, dressed in a cowboy hat and a fluttering long coat in the wilderness. Clutching onto his rifle, the actor revealed an overwhelming presence.

Meanwhile, Song of the Bandits will premiere on September 22nd.

Source: Netflix

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