Ahn Jae Hong Highly Praised for His Remarkable Performance in Netflix’s ‘Mask Girl’

mask girl ahn jae hong
mask girl ahn jae hong
Credit: Netflix

Ahn Jae Hong is receiving explosive response for his performance in Netflix’s Mask Girl since its release.

Mask Girl follows the journey of Kim Mo Mi, an ordinary office worker with insecurities about her appearance. The tumultuous narrative unfolds as she delves into the world of online streaming every night, donning a mask to shield her identity.

Given the original webtoon’s compelling characters, the drama adaptation generated excitement right from its production stage. People were curious about who could effectively embody the character of Joo Oh Nam, an office worker deeply engrossed in watching videos of a masked girl right after work.

Joo Oh Nam is Mo Mi’s colleague who also has insecurities about his appearance. As he discovers that Mo Mi is his favorite online streamer, his obsession and fantasies about her intensify over time. Undoubtedly, every facet of his character, from looks to demeanor and storyline, presents challenges for portrayal.


Nonetheless, Ahn Jae Hong exhibited a masterful portrayal of such an eccentric character in the show. He willingly relinquished his appearance for the role by undergoing special makeup.

His skillful portrayal of the unique character added depth to the show’s experience. His character was shown spending money on the masked girl, pretending to be her boyfriend, following Mo Mi around, peeking into her private life, and even having a birthday party with a real doll. The unexpected moment when he switched to speaking Japanese due to anxiety made the show feel even more real.

Viewers who tuned into the series showered him with praise, commenting, “It exceeded my expectations,” “His acting was truly remarkable,” and “He acted so convincingly that I found myself almost disliking the actor himself.”

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