PICK: New Korean Dramas to Watch in August 2023

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Edited by Hong Hyun Jung
Translated by Yu Jin Kim

My Dearest (8/4)

Will Namkoong Min Min be able to rescue MBC dramas from their slump? Teaming up once again with The Veil director Kim Sung Yong, The Dearest portrays a poignant love story amidst war. This upcoming drama is receiving a lot of attention because it provides a rare opportunity to see Namkoong Min’s outstanding performance in a melodramatic role. Furthermore, as viewers are eagerly anticipating Lee Da In’s return to the drama scene after her marriage to Lee Seung Gi, all eyes are on whether she will be able to capture their hearts with her performance in this drama.

The First Responders 2 (8/4)

The First Responders are set to make a grand comeback in the upcoming season with a significantly expanded worldview. Season 2 will not only continue to follow the compelling stories of firefighters and police but also introduce the National Forensic Service, as they collaborate for an exhilarating investigation. Viewers are growing increasingly curious about whether SBS, known for producing hit dramas like Taxi Driver and Dr. Romantic, will outperform MBC’s My Dearest in August.

Moving (8/9)

Despite continuously releasing its original series, Disney Plus still lacks a strong presence in the South Korean market. Will Moving. a webtoon-based drama written by Kang Full, become the next hope for Disney Plus? This highly-anticipated series, made with a staggering production cost of 57 million dollars, follows children hiding their supernatural abilities and parents concealing painful secrets. Let’s keep an eye on this new drama to see if it can capture viewers’ attention like Netflix’s Squid Game and The Glory.

The Killing Vote (8/10)

Lim Ji Yeon is set to present her third drama this year. Based on a webtoon of the same name, The Killing Vote tells the intriguing story of tracking down a mysterious figure known as the “Dog Mask,” who takes justice into his own hands by involving the public in deciding the fate of criminals and executing the death penalty based on their collective decision. The highly-anticipated series stars Park Hae Jin, Lim Ji Yeon, and Park Sung Woong. Viewers are curious about the excitement this drama will bring, as its concept of a public trial involving citizens’ participation reminds us of last year’s hit drama The Devil Judge, starring Ji Sung.

Cold Blooded Intern (8/11)

Ra Min Ran, who captivated viewers with her touching portrayal of a devoted mother in The Good Bad Mother, is making a comeback on the screen as a woman who is trying to get back into the workforce after taking a long break. In the upcoming drama Cold Blooded Intern, Ra Mi Ran plays a character who took a seven-year break from her career but decides to return as an intern after receiving a mysterious offer from her successful co-worker. Viewers have high hopes for the drama, expecting a captivating and empathetic story like Doctor Cha.

Behind Your Touch (8/12)

Director Kim Suk Yoon, who caused a sensation with My Liberation Notes last year, reunites with Lee Min Ki for a comical investigation drama titled Behind Your Touch. Set in a crime-free rural village, the drama follows a female vet with the ability to see people and animals’ pasts and an elite detective who needs her special power to return to his workplace in Seoul. Together, they team up to investigate a mysterious serial murder. Han Ji Min and Lee Min Ki are expected to showcase their fantastic chemistry, while EXO’s Suho will appear as a mysterious part-time worker at a convenience store.

Mask Girl (8/18)

In August, Netflix will bring us Mask Girl, an intriguing mystery drama based on a webtoon. The story revolves around Kim Momi, an ordinary office worker who moonlights as a broadcasting jockey every night, wearing a mask to conceal her identity. As she faces unexpected incidents, the plot takes intriguing twists. One fascinating aspect of the show is that three actors portray a single character. After the drama’s trailer was released, viewers were impressed by how closely the actors resembled the original characters, heightening anticipation for this new series.

My Lovely Boxer (8/21)

Get ready to be touched by a heartwarming sports drama, My Lovely Boxer. Adapted from a novel with the same title, the story revolves around a brilliant boxer who unexpectedly vanishes due to her deep disdain for the sport, despite her immense talent. However, her life takes a turn when a ruthless sports agent proposes a perfect retirement plan. As the two protagonists embark on a challenging journey seeking defeat in matches, the drama aims to convey a hopeful message to young individuals caught in the struggle between pursuing their dreams and facing reality.

Destined With You (8/27)

Jo Bo Ah and Rowoon are coming back with a fateful romance involving reincarnations and past lives. Destined With Youunfolds a captivating love story between a woman who comes across a forbidden book sealed for over 300 years and a man who becomes entangled in its mysteries. Viewers are eagerly anticipating the kind of romantic tale that Tale of the Nine-Tailed and Extraordinary You stars will bring to the screen in this upcoming series.


Edited Hong Hyun Jung: I am a K-content guide who publishes various articles for people to enjoy Korean movies and dramas deeper and richer. I’ll introduce you to the works that you can laugh, cry and sympathize with.

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