Junho & YoonA Chemistry Shines Despite Their Dismissing Dating Rumors

Credit: Allure Korea

King the Land co-stars Junho and YoonA showed off their sweet chemistry amid their ongoing dating rumors.

Allure Korea recently released an interview with King the Land stars Junho and YoonA on their official YouTube channel. The pair responded to questions prepared by fans, clearing up any lingering curiosities.

In response to the question, “Did you know that people were dying to see you two in a rom-com together?” Junho replied, “I think it’s probably because we started doing things together for the first time at the 2021 MBC Gayo Daejejeon. I’m glad that it has come true.” The duo served as hosts of the music event for two consecutive years, showcasing their exceptional chemistry. Their chemistry was particularly evident during the opening, where they danced to Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes’s “Señorita.”

Even while waiting to shoot, Junho and YoonA were inseparable. They often engaged in a high-five, believing it brought them good luck. Junho explained, “We do this until we hear a clear sound. It’s like a totem to us. We think that if we do this, our next scenes will go smoothly.” The duo further revealed that this ritual had become a regular part of their interactions off-camera as well. Their director liked it so much that it was eventually incorporated into their acting.

The two’s seemingly friendly yet couple-like vibe was enough to spark rumors of a romance. Indeed, their dating rumors hit the wire yesterday. A media outlet quoted an insider suggesting that the duo became a couple even before shooting King the Land and that this was the reason they chose this project together. However, both JYP Entertainment (Junho) and SM Entertainment (YoonA) quickly denied the rumors stating, “The two are very close friends. The dating rumors are groundless.”

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