Park Seo Joon Transforms Into a Protective Husband in New ‘Concrete Utopia’ Stills

Credit: Lotte Entertainment

>>‘Concrete Utopia’: New Looks at Park Seo Joon, Park Bo Young and Lee Byung Hun

This summer’s highly anticipated film Concrete Utopia has unveiled captivating stills featuring Park Seo Joon.

Concrete Utopia is a disaster film that follows a group of survivors who seek refuge in the Hwang Goong apartment, the only building left standing in earthquake-devastated Seoul. This new series is a captivating adaptation of Pleasant Neighbor, part two of Kim Sung Nik’s popular webtoon Pleasant Bullying.

Credit: Lotte Entertainment

Park Seo Joon will take on the role of Min Sung, a character with a deep sense of responsibility in safeguarding his home and family from danger. Throughout the show, Min Sung experiences gradual changes while facing the challenges of survival. Joining him is Lee Byung Hun, who portrays Young Tak, the newly appointed leader of the Hwang Goong apartment residents. Additionally, viewers can look forward to witnessing Seo Joon’s on-screen romance with Park Bo Young, as they unite in their efforts to protect their loved ones from any harm.

Director Um Tae Hwa expressed, “Park Seo Joon will exhibit his full range of acting abilities, captivating audiences with his versatile and charismatic performance throughout the movie.”

Concrete Utopia will hit theaters on August 9th.

Source: Lotte Entertainment

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