‘Concrete Utopia’: New Looks at Park Seo Joon, Park Bo Young and Lee Byung Hun

Credit: Lotte Entertainment
Credit: Lotte Entertainment

Concrete Utopia is setting the stage for an intense survival journey in the aftermath of a major disaster.


Lotte Entertainment released stills for Concrete Utopia (directed by Uhm Tae Hwa) on the 20th that feature characters each surviving in their own way.

This new disaster movie revolves around the survivors in Hwanggung Apartment, the only remaining structure in Seoul after a devastating earthquake. The story is a fresh adaptation of “Delightful Neighbor,” part two of the popular webtoon “Delightful Outcast.”

The characters, all struggling to survive, give a glimpse into the story set to unfold post-disaster. First, Young Tak (Lee Byung Hun) is the representative of the survivors, who won’t shy away from any danger. His charisma is particularly striking.

In contrast, Min Sung (Park Seo Joon), whose sole aim is protecting his family, scrutinizes his surroundings, revealing a caring personality. Myung Hwa (Park Bo Young), who doesn’t lose her faith even amidst disaster, hints at unshakeable determination with her clear gaze.

Credit: Lotte Entertainment

Furthermore, Geum Ae (Kim Sun Young) exhibits a proactive stance by adapting to changes faster than anyone else. On the other hand, Hye Won (Park Ji Hu), who returns from the outside world, and non-cooperative resident Do Kyun (Kim Do Yoon), create a precarious atmosphere that induces tension.

Meanwhile, Concrete Utopia will offer a uniquely entertaining experience, distinguishing itself from existing disaster films with its innovative topic and solid world-building. The movie is slated for release this coming August.

Source: Lotte Entertainment

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