‘Bloodhounds’ Audience Reactions: ‘A Nice Binge-watch’, ‘Not for the Faint-hearted’

bloodhounds review
bloodhounds review
Credit: Netflix

Bloodhounds has debuted at No. 6 on FlixPatrol’s global chart for top shows on Netflix.

bloodhounds review
Credit: Flix Patrol

Helmed by Midnight Runners director Kim Joo Hwan, this gripping Korean Netflix series tells the story of two young men entangled in the dangerous world of loan sharks, as they fight for their lives against a ruthless organization that prioritizes money over human lives.

The show features Woo Do Hwan and Lee Sang Yi in standout performances as Gun Woo and Woo Jin, talented boxers with a strong sense of justice. Heo Joon Ho and Park Sung Woong shine as Chairman Choi, a legendary figure in the private loan industry, and Myung Gil, the cunning leader of an illegal loan company. Kim Sae Ron also delivers a notable performance, although her involvement in a drunk driving incident during filming caused controversy.

Here are some reactions from viewers who have immersed themselves in this thrilling series:

“Woo Do Hwan: Is money important?
Lee Sang Yi: What’s more important than money?
Woo Do Hwan: The heart of a boxer!
Lee Sang Yi: …

Seriously, this scene made my heart flutter so much ^^”

Kim Sae Ron in #Bloodhounds is so pretty and a fighter, was so excited for this cos it’s been awhile for her, glad they couldn’t cut her scenes for 5 eps cos it’s a major plot. This might be her last role for a long time, disappointed, happy and annoyed with her at the same time.”

THEM .. their bromance and those muscles Woo Do Hwan and Sang Yi slayed ate and left no crumbs. My marine duo pulled off the comedy the cute and the action so well their brotherhood was everything and more.”

“The plot may have been simple & predictable but the trio between Hyeon Ju, Gun Woo and Woo Jin gave this drama heart and humour. Plus the choreographed fight & action scenes, as well as the extra friends made along the way made this such a nice binge. #Bloodhounds

“Finished watching #Bloodhounds. That was a real experience, it literally gave me the best duo of all time like they actually served the best chemistry. I’M GONNA MISS THEM SM. Best duo, best friendship, best guys, best everything. THEY’RE MY WHOLE LIFE.”

This is saddening actually, after introducing her as strong character, Hyeon Ju suddenly became diff person and decided to vanish…. coz yeah because of Sae Ron case, they had to do it but she was wasted.

“No other duo of partners against crime could give what they gave us. Gun Jin are the perfect representation of friendship. THEY GAVE THEIR LIVES FOR EACH OTHER. Their ending was incredible cause they stayed together being the family they are, MY SOULMATES.”

“I need Si Won and Park Sung Woong to do another project together. I only included two brief snippets of their scenes together but they’re great scene partners in ‘Bloodhounds’ and I was left wanting more!”

I finished #Bloodhounds it was brilliant, it’s not for the faint hearted if you don’t like violence, blood & death best not watch, but if you are all good with it then it’s a must, the cast are phenomenal, the visuals impressive & the bromance everything  #WooDohwan #LeeSangyi

“I was amazed by the actors’ performances because I could visibly feel the growth of Gun Woo and Woo Jin throughout all eight episodes. Their mental strength, dignified presence, and physicality were remarkable. They exuded an aura and atmosphere akin to real bloodhounds. The two of them were completely different between the beginning and the end. I’m curious about their approach to portraying the characters. Thank you for the wonderful performances.”

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