PICK: New Korean Dramas to Watch in June 2023

Edited by Hong Hyun Jung
Translated by Yu Jin Kim

Bloodhounds (6/9)


Woo Do Hwan and Lee Sang Yi are teaming up for an exciting new action series on Netflix called Bloodhound. The show follows two young boxers who get entangled in the world of loan sharks and end up fighting evil organizations. Fans are curious to see how director Kim Ju Hwan, known for his work on Midnight Runners with Park Seo Jun and Kang Ha Neul, will bring out the chemistry between Woo Do Hwan and Lee Sang Yi in this upcoming series, as its teaser has already generated buzz with its fast-paced storyline and intense action. Everyone is eagerly anticipating whether this new show can overcome the challenges faced by Black Knight, the latest South Korean original series on Netflix.

King the Land (6/17)

Junho and YoonA are taking on a big challenge in King the Land, JTBC’s new weekend drama that aims to follow the success of Reborn Rich. The show tells a captivating love story between Goo Won, a man who detests smiles and happiness, and Chun Sa Rang, a woman who must always smile for her job. While the storyline might seem familiar, all eyes are on these talented actors as they navigate the ups and downs of love against all odds. Viewers are excited to see if this romantic comedy can bring JTBC back into the spotlight, following the network’s previous popular shows that touched the hearts of many fans.

See You in My 19th Life (6/17)

Shin Hye Sun, who gained popularity for her role as the man trapped in a queen’s body in the popular series, Mr. Queen, is back once again to charm audiences in an intriguing drama about reincarnation. Titled See You in My 19th Life, the new tvN weekend drama delves into the fascinating story of a woman with the unique ability to remember her past lives up to her 19th reincarnation. In her current life, she embarks on a captivating journey to find the person she is destined to meet: the mysterious Moon Seo Ha. Furthermore, Ahn Bo Hyun shed an impressive 17 pounds to portray the enigmatic character Seo Ha, who manages to capture the interest of Ban Ji Eum. With fans eagerly anticipating the on-screen chemistry between the talented Shin Hye Sun and rising rom-com star Ahn Bo Hyun, this drama promises to be captivating and unforgettable.

Lies Hidden in My Garden (6/19)

Kim Tae Hee is making an exciting comeback to TV in a thrilling mystery called Lies Hidden in My Garden, based on a gripping novel. The story revolves around two women from different backgrounds coming together by a mysterious smell coming from their backyards. Lim Ji Yeon delivers a powerful performance as a woman trapped in an abusive relationship, breaking free from her school bully role in The Glory. Despite being directed by Jung Ji Hyun of Search: WWW Twenty and-Five Twenty-One, the show’s placement on the ENA network may pose a challenge in terms of it reaching a broader audience.

Numbers (6/23)

Will Kim Myung Soo’s highly-anticipated comeback project, Numbers, breathe new life into MBC? Joseon Lawyer couldn’t quite overcome the challenges despite the acclaim. Now, all eyes are on whether Numbers can find its place amidst fierce competition. This captivating series tells the story of a high school graduate turned accountant who courageously battles corruption within a large accounting firm. With the goal of delivering an exciting experience to viewers, anticipations are mounting for a thrilling ride and a big win.

Revenant (6/23)

A star writer and a talented actress have teamed up for an exciting drama collaboration. The meeting between Kim Eun Hee and Kim Tae Ri has generated a lot of buzz since the early stages of this drama’s production. Although the writer’s previous show, Jirisan, didn’t perform as well as expected, she is now venturing into a new genre of occult mysteries, drawing on her expertise in crafting thrilling narratives. The drama, titled Revenant, revolves around a woman haunted by evil spirits and a man with the ability to see them as they investigate a mysterious death. This is Kim Tae Ri’s first venture into the mystery genre, and she is ready to deliver a captivating and eerie performance in her role as Goo San Young, a woman plagued by possession.

Mrs. Durian (6/24)

“I love you, not as a daughter-in-law, but as a woman.” This powerful line from the first teaser of TV Chosun’s highly-anticipated new weekend drama, Mrs. Durian, left viewers in shock. The teaser created a lot of excitement and got people eagerly anticipating the upcoming work from Im Sung Han, the godmother of makjang dramas. The story takes place in a luxurious noble household during the Joseon era and combines fantasy and romance as two women embark on an extraordinary time-traveling journey, getting involved with men from the present day. With Im Sung Han’s knack for pushing boundaries, fans are eagerly waiting to discover the captivating story that Mrs. Durian holds.

Heartbeat (6/26)

Ok Taecyeon, a rising star from Netflix, has made quite an impression with a surprise appearance on XO, Kitty. Now, he is ready to captivate audiences again with a vampire romance in KBS’ new drama, Heartbeat. The story revolves around an unfortunate vampire who couldn’t turn human due to a slight timing difference, and his path intertwines with a woman who lacks compassion. Joining Ok Taecyeon is the talented Won Ji An of D.P and Tell Me Your Wish. While KBS dramas may not have generated much buzz compared to their viewership ratings, the question remains: Can Ok Taecyeon’s romantic comedy win over viewers’ hearts and leave a lasting impact? Only time will tell.

Miracle Brothers (6/28)
Credit: JTBC

Jung Woo and Bae Hyun Sung will take over the Wednesday-Thursday timeslot of The Good Bad Mother in the new JTBC Thursday drama Miracle Brothers. The drama revolves around Dong Joo, an aspiring writer burdened with debt, and Kang San, a mysterious boy who can feel others’ pain. With nothing but debt, Dong Joo and Kang San form a brotherly bond and unravel a mystery. Will their bromance captivate the viewers?

Celebrity (6/30)

Netflix is unveiling two productions in June. Following Bloodhounds, the second production to be unveiled is Celebrity, featuring Park Gyu Young as the lead. This series delves into the desire for social media fame and the glamorous yet fierce reality faced by Seo Ari, who becomes an admired celebrity. Park Gyu Young takes on the role of Seo Ari, along with CNBLUE’s Kang Min Hyuk, Lee Chung Ah, Lee Dong Gun, and Jeon Hyo Sung appearing in the drama series.


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