‘King the Land’ Audience Reactions: ‘Chemistry Overload’, ‘The Rom-Com We All Needed’

junho and yoona
junho and yoona
Credit: JTBC

Junho and Yoona will bring their mesmerizing on-stage chemistry to the small screen with a brand-new romantic comedy series King the Land, slated to drop on June 17th.

This new JTBC drama follows the story of Gu Won (played by Junho), a man who despises laughter, and Chun Sa Rang (Yoona), a woman who must smile because of her job. Together, they strive to create joyful moments at the VVIP Lounge of King the Land, a dream place for hoteliers.

Fans couldn’t contain their excitement as they caught glimpses of the teasers, expressing their anticipation in various comments. Some eagerly said, “I’ve been eagerly awaiting this drama for over a year” and “I might cry from watching this incredible duo in action,” while others praised, “The chemistry between Junho and Yoona is simply amazing,” “Even the teaser made my heart racing.” Some even compared the teasers to music videos, emphasizing their fantastic production quality.

Here are more fan reactions to the drama teasers and behind-the-scenes videos:

“Lately, I haven’t found any chill dramas that I think are worth watching (in my opinion). But I’m seriously stoked for King the Land! It totally seems like the kind of drama I’ve been yearning for!

“It feels like Gu Won and Sa Rang from King the Land really made the most out of their day. I mean, they took pictures, went biking, enjoyed the seaside view, and now they’re even lost?”

“I will protect them at all costs!! Don’t you dare say anything like “they don’t have chemistry” Hello? I just felt like a little girl who just fell in love for the 1st time while watching them! They are cute! I wanna this drama now!”

“Can we have all the photos they took for the posters to be released like argh they so cute”

“YoonA & Junho looking at each other with such adoration, with ‘Full House’ ost as the background music. The feels”

“How it started, how it’s going.”

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