Woo Do Hwan & Lee Sang Yi’s Netflix Series ‘Bloodhounds’ Drops New Instense Stills

bloodhounds netflix
bloodhounds netflix
Credit: Netflix

Netflix’s series Bloodhounds, which narrates the gripping story of two young men entangled in the ruthless world of a moneylending business that prioritizes money over human lives, has unveiled a whole batch of new stills.


Gun Woo (Woo Do Hwan), an honest and naive man, and Woo Jin (Lee Sang Yi), a compassionate and warm-hearted person, quickly form a close bond of brotherhood despite being rivals at a boxing championship. While dreaming of a career in boxing, the duo finds their future bleak due to the pandemic. Things take a dramatic turn when Gun Woo’s mother falls into a trap set by a malicious loan company, Smile Capital, propelling the two young men into the heartless world of the moneylending business.

bloodhounds netflix
Credit: Netflix

The vicious loan shark Myung Gil (Park Sung Woong) squeezes out the pandemic-stricken common people burdened and manipulates Director Hong (Choi Siwon), a conglomerate heir, for his hotel-casino business expansion. Upon learning about Myung Gil’s evil deeds, Gun Woo and Woo Jin join forces with the legendary President Choi (Huh Joon Ho) of the loan shark industry to plot his downfall.

Adding more excitement to Bloodhounds is director Kim Joo Hwan, who previously showcased the essence of buddy movies in Midnight Runners. Kim was attracted to the original work’s charm, which he described as a “huge canvas to display young energy and explosive action,” and incorporated the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic into the story to heighten the tension. He described the series as “a fast-paced action growth drama where two young boxers punch their way through a group of extremely cruel loan sharks.”

Meanwhile, Bloodhounds is set to premiere exclusively on Netflix on June 9th.

Source: Netflix

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