Woo Do Hwan & Lee Sang Yi’s Action-Packed Tale in Netflix’s ‘Bloodhounds’ Takes Off Its Veil

bloodhounds netflix
bloodhounds netflix
Credit: Netflix

The upcoming Netflix series Bloodhounds unveiled its main poster and first teaser, promising hard-hitting action and lively chemistry between the actors.


Based on a popular webtoon of the same name, Netflix’s Bloodhounds unfolds the story of Gun Woo (Woo Do Hwan) and Woo Jin (Lee Sang Yi), who, confident in their fists, stand against notorious illegal loan shark Myung Gil (Park Sung Woong), all while teaming up with the retired legend of the loan shark industry, President Choi (Heo Jun Ho).

Woo Do Hwan portrays Gun Woo, a kind-hearted promising boxing prospect, while Lee Sang Yi takes on the role of Woo Jin, a quick-witted and loyal man, heralding fresh chemistry and explosive synergy. Gun Woo and Woo Jin, who first met at the championship finals, quickly bond over their shared pure passion for boxing and their marine corps background. Surprisingly just and recklessly brave, the pair become “bloodhounds” hunting illegal loan sharks after a tragic incident involving Gun Woo’s mother, throwing punches at an unjust world.

bloodhounds netflix
Credit: Netflix

The unveiled main poster showcases the fiery determination of the two men standing against the evil armed with nothing but their fists. The first teaser provides a glimpse of the two young men, once aspiring boxers, going head to head with the vicious power in the loan shark industry. Veteran actors Park Sung Woong and Heo Jun Ho also catch the eye with their flawless transformations.

Meanwhile, Bloodhounds is directed by Midnight Runners and The Divine Fury director Kim Joo Hwan. The series will hit Netflix on June 9th.

Source: Netflix

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