Police Move to Seek Arrest Warrant for Yoo Ah In to Secure Evidence Trail

yoo ah in drugs
yoo ah in drugs

The police have decided to seek an arrest warrant for Yoo Ah In who is under suspicion of drug use.

According to the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Drug Crime Investigation Unit on the 18th, the police plan to apply for an arrest warrant for Yoo Ah In on May 19th for violating the Narcotics Control Act.

On the 16th, the police conducted an intensive investigation for nearly 21 hours during Yoo Ah In’s second appearance. However, it was reported that Yoo Ah In admitted only to some of the marijuana smoking allegations while denying most of the other charges.

Considering the need for further verification and the risk of evidence tampering, the police have determined that an arrest investigation is inevitable.

In particular, there is keen interest in proving the allegation of cocaine use among the four drugs detected by the National Institute of Scientific Investigation. Yoo Ah In stated that he “smoked marijuana at the suggestion of an acquaintance, used propofol and ketamine for medical purposes, but did not use cocaine.”

Additionally, an arrest warrant will also be requested for the artist friend of Yoo Ah In, who was summoned for questioning on the same day. The police reported that both individuals are denying the allegations but have provided conflicting statements and lack credibility in many aspects.

Meanwhile, the police plan to apply for an arrest warrant before the weekend and submit the case to the prosecution within this month.

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