Lee Seung Kyu Shares What to Expect in ‘Our Dating Sim’ Season 2: Love Triangle, Jealousy and Revenge

our dating sim lee seung gyu
our dating sim lee seung gyu
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Lee Seung Kyu shared some behind-the-scenes details about his kissing scene and his hopes for a season 2 in an interview for the VLIVE drama Our Dating Sim.

Our Dating Sim follows the story of Shin Ki Tae (played by Lee Seung Kyu) and Lee Wan (played by Lee Jong Hyeok), who meet again at a game company after graduating from high school and confront their unfinished love story.

When asked about the behind-the-scenes of his kissing scene with Lee Jong Hyuk, Lee Seung Kyu replied, “He led me well.”

He continued, “I was new to filming kissing scenes, so I asked my co-star for advice several times. Before each shoot, we talked a lot, and he would give me a signal when to turn my head. The final scene was shot on Namsan Mountain, and the atmosphere on set was intense. The staff helped me get into character, and everyone seemed a bit nervous except my co-star and me. During filming, we were having a lot of fun, and the staff even asked why we were laughing so much. I think my co-star and I were so close that we would laugh just by looking at each other. Since they didn’t show us what had been filmed, we were able to try more daring things. When the show was broadcast, the camera’s colors and the edited scenes all looked beautiful.”

The star also shared that Our Dating Sim is a cherished memory for him and provided some hints about what viewers can expect in the upcoming season. According to him, the key themes for season 2 are jealousy, reunion, revenge and love triangle.

He added, “In the past, Ki Tae had a man in his life who appears in flashback scenes. This man later returns after going abroad for work. When he appears in front of Ki Tae in the current timeline, Wan becomes jealous, and Ki Tae is torn between his emotions. He chooses to go to the man, causing him to lose Wan once again. In season 2, it would be interesting to see Wan seek revenge on Ki Tae before the two eventually reunite.”

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