Weekly TV Top 10: ‘Doctor Cha’ Takes Top Spot, ‘Duty After School Part 2’ Follows

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Drama Ranking for 3rd Week of April

JTBC’s Doctor Cha has climbed to the top spot, with viewers resonating with the character’s struggles, portrayed by Uhm Jung Hwa. Comments such as “It’s thrilling” and “It makes me want to live courageously and confidently like her” have been posted. Duty After School Part 2 from TVING took the second spot after releasing its second part, but viewer reactions have been mixed, particularly regarding the disappointing ending. None of the actors made it onto the viewers’ ranking list. Netflix’s Queenmaker maintained its position at No. 3. ENA’s Pale Moon starring Kim Seo Hyung, jumped to the fourth spot, with the actress’ performance being cited as the key to its popularity. Pale Moon recently caught attention as it was invited to the 6th Cannes Series Festival’s non-competitive Rendezvous section, attended by Kim Seo Hyung. SBS’s Dr. Romantic 3 has entered the ranking even before its broadcast, proving viewers’ anticipation. tvN’s Family, drawing attention for being Jang Nara and Jang Hyuk’s fourth collaboration, debuted at No. 7.

  1. JTBC Doctor Cha (Share of Audience 14.82) (UP 4)
  2. TVING Duty After School Part 2 (Share of Audience 10.83) (UP 3)
  3. Netflix Queenmaker (Share of Audience 9.75) ( – )
  4. ENA Pale Moon (Share of Audience 6.99) (UP 3)
  5. SBS Dr. Romantic 3 (Share of Audience 5.98) NEW
  6. TVING Unintentional Love Story (Share of Audience 5.96) (DOWN 4)
  7. tvN Family (Share of Audience 5.77) NEW
  8. KBS The Real Has Come! (Share of Audience 5.42) ( – )
  9. Netflix The Glory Part 2 (Share of Audience 4.78) (DOWN 5)
  10. KBS Oasis (Share of Audience 3.42) (UP 2)
  1. Uhm Jung Hwa, Doctor Cha (UP 3)
  2. Kim Byung Chul, Doctor Cha (UP 19)
  3. Jang Na Ra, Family NEW
  4. Jang Hyuk, Family NEW
  5. Myung Se Bin, Doctor Cha (UP 44)
  6. Baek Jin Hee, The Real Has Come! (UP 11)
  7. Kim Seo Hyung, Pale Moon (UP 13)
  8. Ahn Jae Hyun, The Real Has Come! (UP 3)
  9. Kim Hee Ae, Queenmaker (DOWN 6)
  10. Min Woo Hyuk, Doctor Cha (UP 50)

Non-Drama Ranking for 1st Week of April

  1. Mnet Boys Planet (Share of Audience 8.76) ( – )
  2. JTBC Peak Time (Share of Audience 6.53) ( – )
  3. JTBC A Clean Sweep (Share of Audience 4.47) ( – )
  4. MBC I Live Alone (Share of Audience 3.59) (UP 2)
  5. SBS Unanswered Questions (Share of Audience 3.19) (UP 7)
  6. ENA PLAY/SBS Plus I Am Solo (Share of Audience 2.46) (UP 1)
  7. tvN You Quiz on the Block (Share of Audience 2.13) (UP 1)
  8. tvN Jinny’s Kitchen (Share of Audience 2.13) (DOWN 4)
  9. MBC Fantasy Boys (Share of Audience 2.05) (DOWN 4)
  10. SBS Running Man (Share of Audience 1.54) ( – )
  1. Lee Je Hoon, You Quiz on the Block NEW
  2. Kim Dae Ho, I Live Alone NEW
  3. Code Kunst, I Live Alone (UP 11)
  4. VANNER, Peak Time (UP 8)
  5. Park Na Rae, I Live Alone (UP 188)
  6. Yoo Jae Suk, Hangout with Yoo (UP 5)
  7. Kim Sung Keun, A Clean Sweep (UP 2)
  8. Lee Chan Won, Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant (UP 14)
  9. Team 24:00, Peak Time (UP 20)
  10. Yoo In Na, The Manager NEW

This survey was released by the TV popularity analyst Good Data Corporation after analyzing the internet’s responses generated from news articles, blogs/communities, videos, and social media in regards to 28 drama series and 190 variety shows that are either on-air or scheduled to be aired from April 17th to April 23rd.

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