Korean Stars and Parents’ Debts: Park Bo Gum, Han So Hee, and More

korean celebrity family issues
korean celebrity family issues
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It’s heartbreaking when children have to clean up the mess their parents created. And some stars were forced to disclose their family issues due to their celebrity status.

Recently, on TV CHOSUN’s Lovers of Joseon, Shim Hyung Tak revealed the shocking reason behind his two-year hiatus – repeated financial issues caused by his mother.

After making a name for himself on various variety shows, including MBC’s Infinite Challenge, Shim Hyung Tak bought a house for his family in 2014. However, the apartment was under his mother’s name. He stated, “A week after moving in, we faced legal issues. The entrance was blocked with a container, and we had to ask permission to enter our own home.”

Subsequently, in 2016, they moved to the house featured on MBC’s The Manger, but that home also got involved in his mother’s investment problems. Furthermore, his mother borrowed a large sum of money under his name, and he had to deal with civil lawsuits. As a result, Shim Hyung Tak suffered from mental distress.

Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung had to disclose her family’s troubles when her father and brother’s real estate fraud allegations surfaced. In February, the news broke out, and her agency confirmed that she had experienced several unpleasant financial issues involving her father since her debut. Kang Min Kyung clarified that she had cut off all communication with her father due to the immense pain he’s caused.

Last year, Han So Hee’s mother sparked controversy for violating the Electronic Financial Transactions Act. Han So Hee had previously apologized and revealed her family situation two years ago due to her mother’s fraudulent behavior. Raised by her grandmother after her parents’ divorce, Han So Hee had no intention of taking responsibility for her mother’s debts and apologized to the victims who suffered damage.

In 2019, Kim Hye Soo faced a crisis when her mother borrowed a significant amount of money from acquaintances and failed to repay them. The victims reportedly lent the money, trusting Kim Hye Soo’s reputation. Regarding this issue, Kim Hye Soo’s agency stated, “In 2012, Kim Hye Soo experienced discord with her mother while bearing her mother’s enormous debt, which was beyond her entire fortune, and eventually cut ties with her.”

In 2017, Park Bo Gum revealed on a show that he had incurred a debt of 800 million won (about $606,895) due to his father. When Park Bo Gum was in middle school, his father borrowed money from a loan company and registered the underage Park Bo Gum as the guarantor. After Park Bo Gum made his debut, he received debt repayment requests. As a newcomer, he couldn’t afford the high-interest debt and had to file for personal bankruptcy.

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