OMEGA X’s Jaehan and Yechan Share Final Thoughts on ’A Shoulder to Cry On’

A Shoulder to Cry On

OMEGA X’s Jaehan and Yechan shared their closing comments on A Shoulder to Cry On.

Jaehan, who plays the role of Da Yeol, expressed his feelings after finishing filming. “I want to express my gratitude for all the love and support we’ve received. As this was my first work, I approached filming with extra caution and care. Now that we’ve finished, I feel both relieved and a bit sad. However, portraying Da Yeol helped me learn how to gather the courage I needed. I hope to continue to improve my acting skills and come back with an even better project in the future,” he shared.

Yechan, who plays Tae Hyeon, said, “It felt like we waited forever for the first episode to air, and I can’t believe it’s already over, I’m so grateful for all the love and support we received over the last three weeks. Moving forward, I’ll be working hard to improve my acting skills and expand my range to become a better actor.”

Jaehan and Yechan demonstrated their strong acting abilities by portraying intricate emotional dynamics within their charming characters, from their initial encounter to the moment they fell in love with each other. Their honest portrayal of a boys’ love story left a lasting impression and garnered more attention to a non-mainstream genre.

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