‘The Glory’ Part 2: Top 3 Hilarious Moments From Jun Jae Joon

the glory jeon jae joon
the glory jeon jae joon
Credit: Netflix

Netflix’s original series The Glory Part 2 is now available for streaming.

Building on the popularity of its first part, the second installment has become a sensation, compelling viewers to binge-watch it from the very start. The actors’ performances have become more profound and subtle, providing a gripping and immersive experience. One of the most noteworthy aspects of The Glory Part 2 is Park Sung Hoon‘s portrayal of Jeon Jae Joon, who delivers witty lines with a cynical tone despite the show’s heavy atmosphere.

If you’re a fan of the show or just curious about what makes this character so memorable, check out some of Jeon Jae Joon’s iconic moments and unforgettable lines in our roundup below.

the glory jeon jae joon
Credit: Netflix
“What brought you here?” “My car did.” -EP 12

During a scene in which Jeon Jae Joon visits the school out of anger towards a teacher who sexually harassed his daughter Ha Ye Sol (played by Oh Ji Yul), one of the teachers asks him, “What brought you here?” using the Korean expression that can mean both “How did you come here?” and “Why have you come here?”

Jae Joon, taking the question literally, responds with “My car did,” creating a clever and unexpected wordplay that provides a moment of comic relief amidst the tense and emotional scene.

In the English version of the scene, the teacher asks, “May I help you?” instead of “What brought you here?” to which Jeon Jae Joon wittily replies, “You can’t.”

the glory jeon jae joon
Credit: Netflix
“Your dad has Samsung Electronics and Kakao stocks for you!” – EP 16

Do you remember the forgotten Samsung Electronics and Kakao stocks? In The Glory Part 1, there is a scene where Ye Sol, the daughter of Park Yeon Jin (played by Lim Ji Yeon), replies to her father’s question about what gift she wants by saying, “Stocks. Samsung Electronics and Kakao.” Her father (played by Jung Sung Ill) thought it was a joke and didn’t take her seriously.

In the final episode of The Glory Part 2, there was a scene where Jeon Jae Joon goes to the school to find Yeseol and says, “It’s your father. I’m your dad! You thought I was your uncle, right? I’m your real dad, Ye Sol. I will explain everything. Your dad has Samsung Electronics and Kakao stocks for you!,” not missing the chance to add humor to his role.

the glory jeon jae joon
Credit: Netflix
“Hey, you should switch to menthol.”EP 16

In The Glory Part 2, there is a satisfying revenge plot where the perpetrator is brought down by their own actions. Hye Jeong (played by Cha Joo Young) suffers a severe throat injury after being attacked with a pencil by her friend Lee Sa Ra. While she is hospitalized with the injury and unable to speak clearly, Jeon Jae Joon adds insult to injury by delivering a witty line while understanding her mumbled words. He goes, “Hey, you should switch to menthol,” with a humorous tone highlighting the depth of his cruelty and lack of empathy.

Despite his betrayal, his quick wit and humor lighten the mood, and his line serves as a bittersweet reminder of their toxic relationship.

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