Everything to Know About ‘The Glory’ Child Actress Oh Ji Yul

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Child actress Oh Ji Yul has taken the Korean entertainment industry by storm, showcasing her remarkable talent in various projects. Recently, she starred as Ha Ye Sol in the Netflix mega-hit series The Glory, the daughter of a despicable school violence perpetrator, Park Yeon Jin (played by Lim Ji Yeon), and Moon Dong Eun’s secret advocate Ha Do Young (Jung Sung Il). Her performance in the series was praised for her ability to capture the character’s complex emotions with maturity beyond her years. Additionally, her character had a shocking birth secret related to Jun Jae Joon (Park Sung Hoon) that added another layer of intrigue to the storyline.

Oh Ji Yul first caught the attention of viewers with her portrayal of the autistic character Young Woo in the hit drama series Extraordinary Attorney Woo earlier this year. Despite her young age, she delivered a stunning performance that earned her widespread acclaim from both critics and audiences alike. Her ability to capture the nuances of the character’s behavior and emotions with such authenticity and sensitivity was truly remarkable. Having played the younger version of the main character, she revealed that she drew inspiration from the movie Innocent Witness to prepare for her role as an autistic child, and also mentioned that she tried to create her own unique character while working alongside Park Eun Bin. When asked about Park Eun Bin’s acting, Oh Ji Yul revealed that Park Eun Bin’s performance felt so real that she wondered if she actually had feelings for Kang Tae Oh.

But Extraordinary Attorney Woo was just the beginning for the talented actress. She recently appeared on the popular variety show The Return of Superman, where she revealed some behind-the-scenes stories from her latest project, the Netflix series The Glory. During the show, she shared a heartwarming anecdote about her co-star Song Hye Kyo, who reportedly took off her own coat to keep her warm on set during a particularly cold day of filming. She also showcased her skills as an acting coach on the program, providing lessons to a young child model named Zen who was preparing for an audition with the help of his mother, Sa Yuri.

In addition to her impressive acting roles, Oh Ji Yul has also made appearances in two of Korean indie singer blah’s music videos, where she showcased her acting chops once again. In the videos, she acted alongside a giant teddy bear, which seems to be her imaginary friend, creating a heartwarming atmosphere. The music videos portray the daily life of a child whose mother is often absent, which leaves her feeling lonely. However, Oh Ji Yul’s warm and endearing performance in the videos makes the viewers feel the love and affection she has for her imaginary friend and the bond that they share. Her portrayal of the child’s innocence and loneliness, and her ability to convey her emotions through her acting, is truly astonishing. It’s worth noting that Crush also gave a shoutout to blah’s music video on his Instagram story.


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