‘The Glory’ Part 2: Uncovering the Intriguing Hidden Plotlines

the glory part 2 ending

*This article contains spoilers

The second part of The Glory presented a perfect ending, with Moon Dong Eun’s (played by Song Hye Kyo) revenge specifically targeting Park Yeon Jin (Lim Ji Yeon) and her gang, providing viewers with an exciting catharsis. But what are the hidden plotlines in The Glory that make the show even more interesting once you know them?

Poster Foreshadowing the Downfall of the Perpetrators
the glory part 2 ending
Credit: Netflix

The character posters for Part 2 contained messages from Moon Dong Eun directed toward the perpetrators. The copy on Park Yeon Jin’s poster reads “Your soul that rejoiced every moment”; Jeon Jae Joon’s (Park Sung Joon)’s reads “Those savage eyes”; Lee Sa Ra’s (Kim Hieora) reads “Your hand that mocked and destroyed”; Choi Hye Jeong’s (Cha Joo Young) reads “That mouth that laughed loudly at others’ misfortune”; and Son Myung Oh’s (Kim Gun Woo) reads “Those feet that took the lead in others’ pain.”

The perpetrators suffered the fate of destruction, as the message had warned. Son Myung Oh, who had tormented Moon Dong Eun, crawled on the floor in the face of death. Choi Hye Jeong, with a big mouth, lost her voice when Lee Sa Ra attacked her. The drug addict Lee Sa Ra attacked Choi Hye Jeong in public and was arrested by the police. Jeon Jae Joon, who had a complex about being colorblind, lost his sight and literally fell to his doom. Park Yeon Jin who was put behind bars ended up with a crushed soul.

The Secret Behind the Names
the glory part 2 ending
Credit: Netflix

In Part 1, Park Yeon Jin’s mother (Yoon Da Kyung) tells her daughter, “The shaman says you’d get bad luck from people with O’s in their names.” Park Yeon Jin’s husband Ha Do Young (Jung Sung Il), Ha Ye Sol (Oh Ju Yul) all have O’s in their names. And despite her mother’s warning, Park Yeon Jin continues to be friends with Son Myung Oh and Choi Hye Jung.

However, it is Park Yeon Jin’s own mother who drives her to destruction. In Part 2, it is revealed that Park Yeon Jin’s mother’s name is Hong Young Ae, and she has the most O’s. After all those years of covering up her daughter’s crimes, she turns her back without hesitation when she finds herself in a corner.

Another Victim
the glory part 2 ending
Credit: Netflix

In Part 1, one character made viewers wonder if she would be Moon Dong Eun’s target or a hindrance in her revenge – Kim Kyung Ran (Ahn So Yo), another victim of school violence. After Moon Dong Eun left the school, Kim Kyung Ran became the new target of Park Yeon Jin and her clique, and even after all those years, she’s still their lackey.

Part 2 revealed that Moon Dong Eun and Kim Kyung Ran purposely avoided each other. Kim Kyung Ran has also wanted revenge on her bullies for a long time, and her desire makes her play a key role in Part 2. Young Moon Dong Eun and Kim Kyung Ran walking arm in arm in Part 2 and their reuniting in Siesta as adults foreshadow their revenge.

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