Park Seo Joon and BTS’ V on Joining ‘Jinny’s Kitchen’ as a Full Time Cook and an Intern

Jinny's Kitchen
Jinny's Kitchen
Credit: tvN

Producer Na Yeong Seok and Lee Seo Jin, Park Seo Joon, Jung Yu Mi, Choi Woo Shik and BTS’ V shared various stories about their upcoming variety show named Jinny’s Kitchen at its press event.

Producer Na was asked about how he came to produce the new variety show. He answered, “I once suggested selling street foods to Lee Seo Jin while he and I were having a chat. But on second thought, it made me realize that doing cart bars as a group would be much more fun than just Seo Jin working alone.” He added, “Seo Jin preferred opening a franchise that sells more casual and lighter foods than the Korean ones we did in Youn’s Kitchen. One thing led to another, and we got to open a restaurant.”

Jinny's Kitchen
Credit: tvN

Lee Seo Jin, who was promoted to the owner of Jinny’s Kitchen, made everyone crack up as he happily said that the working conditions had improved a lot. He said, “I love how I can do however I want with the new store.”

Jung Yu Mi also shared how it feels to be promoted as a new manager of the restaurant. “I was happy about being promoted, but it turned out that I’m just a figurehead. Which means I have to take responsibility for anything that goes wrong in the store,” she said with a big laugh.

Park Seo Joon also shared what it was like starring in Na’s variety series for the third time. He revealed, “I have much more work to do now in the show. It was more hectic than I expected. It was my first time working in the kitchen all day long. Since filming the show, I developed a lot of respect for those who run restaurants. We only spend a few hours in the kitchen for the show, but there are people who work in there all day long. Although it was just a few hours, it was unimaginably exhausting.”

Jinny's Kitchen
Credit: tvN

V and Choi Woo Shik joined the show as interns. Woo Shik talked about what it was like working for the store as an intern. “While filming the show, I could relate to all the interns in the world. I realized working hard and receiving compliments boosts motivation,” he shared.

V jokingly commented, “I made good memories on the show. Nevertheless, learning how to cook was never fun for me. It was just so taxing.”

The “competition for survival” is what sets Jinny’s Kitchen apart from other existing restaurant management variety shows. Producer Na teased the upcoming show by saying, “It has turned into a restaurant management show with the CEO who thinks ‘profits are king’.”

V said that he was able to star in the show as producer Na gave him a special ticket. “I have not used the ticket yet because it was the producer who asked me to star in the show. Actually, I was going to play games by using the ticket, but I never knew I would be playing a survival game like this,” he revealed.

Jinny’s Kitchen will premiere on February 24th.

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